Pickle Me Too, Where Have You Been?

Proof I’m still alive.

Over the last year it’s seems I had disappeared from the blogging world. Between moving, adjusting to a new place, and just being burned out, it was hard getting back into the swing of things. Plus the last 5 months I’ve been sick as a dog. We’re expecting kiddo #5 […]

A Year in Review: 2013

Happy New Year!

This year has been an adventure here. I didn’t write nearly as many blog posts as I did the previous year because I needed to re-prioritize my life. 2012, I spent a lot of time on the blog. A lot! All of that effort was worth it because I built up […]

Overwhelmed Making the Best Choices for Your Family?

Have you ever felt overwhelmed when it comes to making the best choices for your family?

With all the hidden dangers lurking in our food supply, water supply, products we use daily, and even just in the environment, more and more parents are choosing to live a simpler, more natural lifestyle. But making the […]

Pickle Me Too, Where in the World Have You Been?

Wow, my last post was… way too long ago. You’re all probably wondering where in the world I disappeared to. I’m still here, I’ve just unplugged a bit.

It all started when we went of a 3 week vacation where I had limited internet access. I loved it. We came home, got our homestead rolling […]

What’s So Bad About Gummy Candy?

What’s so bad about gummy candy? Well, it’s not the gelatin.

I posted a picture on Facebook not long ago that got some interesting reactions. Not exactly the reactions I was expecting. It was a picture of a huge pile of carcasses being pushed around by a front loader next to a picture of gummy […]