Fermentools Review and Giveaway

I haven’t fermented much of anything in almost a year! I know. Crazy! After the move, I lost all my starters. They died from neglect. I was just too busy to take care of them and by the time things settled down, they were gone. No resurrecting them.

Besides a batch of pickled carrots […]

Step By Step Paleo Plan

Are you a “jump in head first” or a “slow and steady wins the race” kind of person?

I tend to jump in and go full steam ahead but studies show that people tend to stick with changes over the long run if they are done slowly, step by step, […]

Emergency! Emergency!

I started writing this as a Facebook update and it just got too long, so here on the blog it goes…

Are you bundled out? Yeah, me too. I was bundled out a long time ago. Yes, they are excellent deals but how many ebooks do I really need?

I’ve helped promote a couple bundles […]

A Winner… Finally.

Yikes, has it been almost 3 days. I was supposed to announce the winner on Sunday but… excuses, excuses. I told you I’ve been having a busy summer. It’s been busy but so much fun. My husband said I should pare down what we do but there is nothing we do that I’m willing to […]

Review and Giveaway: The Boss Pickler from Primal Kitchen

I was contacted by Rochelle from Primal Kitchen to do a review of their new fermentation jar, The Boss Pickler *affiliate link*. To be honest, I was very hesitant. I’m pretty picky about my fermentation vessels. I clicked through to at least look at the pictures of the jar and I got a little excited. […]