Creamy Kale Soup

Do you have a comfort food that you go to when you’re sick or feeling down? I do, it’s usually soup. I try to always have homemade stock on hand either canned or in the freezer (freeze for best nutrient retention). I like soups with few ingredient that are quick to make. That way […]

Finding Real Food in the Middle of Nowhere

Years ago when my husband and I first watch Food Inc. we laughed about finding local food here in Minot, ND, aka the middle of nowhere. Mmm, we could gorge ourselves on sunflower seeds, soybeans (which I refuse to eat) and wheat (which I’m allergic too). While cattle ranches are plentiful, I doubted I’d ever […]

To Cure a Sore Throat

I’m not sure why but a few members of my family seemed to be plagued by sore throats. One in particular seems to get one on a monthly basis. A friend of mine who is studying to be an herbalist shared this recipe of cayenne, garlic and honey with me and this is the first […]

Coconut Saffron Shrimp Soup

So good.  So good.  This was another ‘no leftovers’ meal.  With having a perpetual stock pot always brewing up tasty stock, we’ve been trying to add more soups to our diet.  For my pot of soup, I did leave the skins on (thought maybe some of the nutrients might leach out into the soup). […]

Cream of Broccoli Soup

Obviously broccoli is not in season this time year so if you can’t get fresh, frozen will do. I was in the mood for Cream of Carrot Soup when I saw a pretty head of broccoli in the fridge that needed to be used soon.  I like broccoli, I like soup so why not Cream of Broccoli […]