Pickle Me Tuesday: How to Make a Turmeric Bug and Turmeric Soda


When I first started this blog back in 2011, I did a weekly Fermentation Friday. I did it for a full year and then decided to take a break from weekly ferments. Well, I’ve been wanting to start that up again but with a new name. Introducing Pickle Me Tuesdays! I’m going to […]

Dairy Free Chai Latte (with an ingredient you won’t believe!)

Check out that yummy frothiness!

My husband has been on a chai streak lately. I swear he drinks it by the gallon. He made a huge batch and saved a little for me this morning (I think he just ran out of room in his gallon sized thermos but I’ll pretend he left me […]

Egg and Butter Coffee, Plus 3 Flavoring Options

Egg and Butter coffee? Huh? That’s disgusting!

Well, that was my first thought when I heard of this concoction from Mark’s Daily Apple (his article is here: Primal Egg Coffee). It sounded so awful but the thought of getting my breakfast in a cup so easily sounded appealing enough to give it […]

Chocolate Syrup That Might Even Be Good For You!

I must make a confession. I don’t like milk. Not even the fresh from the farm, straight from the tap milk we go far out of our way to get. I know it’s good for me so I make myself drink. I don’t hate milk but I don’t like it either. […]

Elderberry Booch

It seems the sickies are going around like crazy. I’ve been avoiding going out in public much because I don’t want to catch that nasty norovirus that everyone was sick with. Now influenza is making it’s rounds here.

I’ve been in an elderberry frenzy lately, trying to keep our immune systems strong to fight […]