How to Have a Constant Supply of Buttermilk

I’ve generally stayed away from writing up how-to’s for simple things like buttermilk. You can find 100s of article on how to make it by googling “how to make buttermilk”. But, I want to make Pickle Me Too a one stop ferment shop. I want people to come here and find whatever they need […]

Pickle Me Tuesday: Indian Spiced Brine Cured Eggs

Pickle Me Tuesday! My new favorite day of the week. This week isn’t exactly a ferment but rather a cure. The amount of salt in this means virtually no microbial action is going on. So the end product of this is not probiotic just super tasty.

I ran across this idea for […]

Pickle Me Tuesday: How to Make a Turmeric Bug and Turmeric Soda


When I first started this blog back in 2011, I did a weekly Fermentation Friday. I did it for a full year and then decided to take a break from weekly ferments. Well, I’ve been wanting to start that up again but with a new name. Introducing Pickle Me Tuesdays! I’m going to […]

Chipotle Pepper Hot Sauce

What’s better than homemade hot sauce? Homemade chipotle pepper hot sauce! Smokey hot goodness in a bottle.

Last year I sold various fermented items at my local farmers market and my hot sauces sold like wild fire. Even though I’m not selling at the market this year, I still have people asking begging for […]

Roasted Tomatoes with Cheese

It’s finally that time of year when the tomatoes are beginning to roll in. I’ve been harvesting tomatoes every 2-3 days and I bring back a big bucket full of them eat time. I love this time of year. We live pretty far north so we usually don’t get ripe tomatoes until August. This […]