Sauerkraut with Apples and Raisins

It’s sauerkraut season! Fall is the traditional time to ferment cabbage. When the heat of the summer is over, it’s time to start preserving for the winter months. I actually cheated a little and started this ferment in the early summer with the first harvest of cabbage. Modern wonders like air conditioning and refrigeration […]

Brine Pickled Brussels Sprouts

I had a small garden this year and brussels sprouts are one of the few plants that I had. It was a bit of a failed experiment and some flea beetles infested the plants and turned them into skeletons. They didn’t completely die but they were very pathetic looking. Anyone know how to battle flea […]

Sauerruben, Fermented Turnips

Another recipe revised. While I thought the way I used to make sauerruben was a great, this is so much better. It’s much less salter and much more tastier.

I enjoy this turnip kraut on top of all sorts of different foods. On top of burgers, hot dogs, eggs and my favorite, on top of […]

Italian Style Pepperonicini

I can never resist snatching up red peppers. They are just so darn pretty. Problem is, I always end up buying way more than I can eat before they go bad but not enough to make a decent sized pepper mash. These are one of the simplest ferment you can do. It’s really just as […]

Pepper Mash and Chili Sauce


I love peppers! LOVE peppers! I’m notorious for scooping up all the ripe red chilies at the farmers market because I love the color. They can be hard to find here in North Dakota because it tends to freeze before most of the peppers are able to get ripe. I was able to […]