Curtido Brussels Sprouts

Brussels sprouts are basically teeny tiny heads of cabbage. Anything that tastes good with cabbage, tastes good with Brussels sprouts. One of my favorite ways to make sauerkraut is as Curtido, a South American (El Salvado if you want to get uber specific) sauerkraut. Why not try it with my little mini cabbages?

I’ve […]

Chipotle Pepper Hot Sauce

What’s better than homemade hot sauce? Homemade chipotle pepper hot sauce! Smokey hot goodness in a bottle.

Last year I sold various fermented items at my local farmers market and my hot sauces sold like wild fire. Even though I’m not selling at the market this year, I still have people asking begging for […]

Kimchi: Stinky Yummy Goodness



Kimchi, either you love it or you hate it? The smell either makes you salivate or nauseous. Which is if for you? I adore kimchi!

There are about as many kimchi (kimchee, kim chee, gimchi) recipes out there are there are fermenters. So what makes something kimchee? Inclusion of napa cabbage? Not necessarily. […]

Italian Pickled Green Beans

Green beans are far from being in season here. I was hoping to put up enough this year to keep us full of pickled green beans well into winter but it’s now December 6th and we are already running low. When green beans aren’t in season, I still hunt them down in the grocery […]

Fermentation Friday: Sauerkraut Troubleshooting

Out of all ferments, sauerkraut is high on my list of favorites that I always have on hand. It tastes great and is very versatile. I enjoy it at almost every meal. With my eggs for breakfast, on top of pizza for lunch and as an accompaniment to most any meat dish […]