Lemon Mint Cantaloupe Drink, 2 Ways

Lemon Mint Cantaloupe Drink

Our CSA is bringing us melons! Lovely lovely melons! As a reward for our hard work out on the farm, they’ve gifted us with extra melons. I’ll take payment in the form of food any day, especially good organic produce like this. While I know the boys can easily eat […]

Blueberry Lavender Water Kefir

Mmm, blueberries and lavender. Yes, it is very good. I think what appeals to me most about this is the fact that the kefir turns purple. Not due to the lavender but to the blueberries. I was a little sad the my Lavender Honey Kefir turned out pure white even though I knew it would […]

Lavender Honey Milk Kefir

I’ve heard of people doing a second ferment with lavender and honestly I thought it couldn’t be good. I like the smell lavender but the smell to me doesn’t translate to a good taste but maybe that’s just me. I gave it a try anyway and I’m glad I did. I can’t even begin to […]

Chocolate Cherry Kefir, Oh Yeah!

I hope you all like kefir because I’ve been posting a lot of dairy kefir recipes. Yup, I’m hooked. I just can’t go back to plain kefir. I find the kids are more likely to drink the kefir if it’s been flavored and is sitting in the fridge ready to go. They like it so […]

Blueberry Cobbler Kefir

Cutie Patutie loves it!

I made this combo with dairy kefir but I bet it would be great as kombucha or water kefir as well. I’ll be trying it out with my next kombucha batch. There is something about the spices that just makes the blueberry flavor pop. So yummy! Much more interesting than […]