Fermented Elderberry Honey

I’ve been experimenting with a new (to me) method of fermenting using honey. I’ve made mead before and used honey in ferments but I’ve never used honey and the main ingredient. My first few honey ferments have been wonderful so I plan on sharing a few of the recipe ideas with you.

Raw honey […]

Fermented Citrus Cranberry Sauce

Do you want to introduce fermented foods to your family but are afraid to freak them out? This dish is great to bring to a gathering. You don’t even have to tell them it’s fermented until after they try it. It’s just slightly cultured so the lactic acid sour taste isn’t overwhelming. […]

Fermented Applesauce


Is it apple time already? I feel like it’s too early for apples, but nope, they are here! Tis the season. Apples, apples everywhere! It’s apple season finally! The mornings here are beginning to feel crisp (we had our first frost a couple nights ago) and fall is in the air. Fall is […]

Let’s Get Fruity! How to Ferment Fruits.

I’m currently on vacation in the agricultural center of California surrounded by amazing orchards. Back home in North Dakota, I’m used to seeing sunflower, wheat and corn fields. Driving down the road here the other day I spotted a pomegranate orchard. Did you know pomegranates grow on trees?! I know they have to come […]

Preserved Indian Hot Lemons

I love using fresh lemons and lemon juice but we have a hard time of finding a steady supply of organic lemons. And when I do find them, they always seem to mold before I can use them all.

These lemons can take a considerable amount of salt so they are more of a […]