Kimchi: Stinky Yummy Goodness



Kimchi, either you love it or you hate it? The smell either makes you salivate or nauseous. Which is if for you? I adore kimchi!

There are about as many kimchi (kimchee, kim chee, gimchi) recipes out there are there are fermenters. So what makes something kimchee? Inclusion of napa cabbage? Not necessarily. […]

Sauerkraut: To Can or Not To Can

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Sauerkraut will soon be on our minds as our gardens begin to overflow with cabbage. Spring is the best time to raise cabbage here in North Dakota (or so I’m told) and also early fall. It’ll be quite a while yet before the first harvest but I’m thinking about it already.


Raw Milk Yogurt

Last week I shared with you about why you should make your own yogurt, this week I’ll tell you one way to do it.

Yogurt is one of the easiest ferments to master. No special equipment is necessary and you can use yogurt from the store as a starter. I do recommend […]

Fermentation Friday: Milk Kefir Q&A

Wow! Lot’s of milk kefir questions out there. I asked for questions and you answered with lots of great questions. If you have questions that weren’t answered in this post, please ask in comments.

“What is it? How is it made?

While the name is deceiving, kefir grains are not actually grains. […]

Fermentation Friday: Probiotic Pills vs Fermented Food

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A question I hear frequently is “What is the best probiotic out there?” The person asking is always referring to a pill. But is a pill really the best option? Aside from costing a small fortune every month, especially for a family of 6, are pills any better than eating a good […]