It’s Frickin’ Freezing!

It’s winter here. And when I say winter, I mean it’s cold. Like frickin’ freezing. Like negative frickin’ freezing. We get actual temps of -20F on a fairly regular basis and sometimes as low as -40F. And then it can be windy which drives the “feels like” temp down to -50 to -70F.

Do […]

What’s that Stuff Covering My Pickles?!


A very common question I get asked and one I see on many ferment groups on Facebook is, “What is this stuff covering my pickles? Is it mold and do I need to throw them?”

No!!! Don’t throw them! It’s not mold. Mold needs oxygen to grow (which is why you see it […]

Water Kefir, My High Maintenance Girlfriend


**Update! Wow, after just a few hours of being up, I’ve received a number of comments about how this might scare people away from fermenting. No!!! Please, please don’t read that into this. Most people find water kefir to be one of the easiest ferment. This post is meant for those of us […]

Thick Brine?

Thick Brine in Fermented Mustard Seeds

Do you ever experience thick, slimy, viscous brine in your ferments? It happens more with carrots than any other vegetable but it has happened with every vegetable at different times for me. Not every batch of carrot sticks produces a thick brine but most do. Not all of […]

A Warning About Fermenting in Fido Jars

We’ve talked about a few different vessels you can use for fermentation and one of the favorite jars of many is a plain and simple Fido jar. It’s a wire bale jar imported from Italy. I love these jars to the point where I may have a slight obsession with them

Is it safe? […]