How to Have a Constant Supply of Buttermilk

I’ve generally stayed away from writing up how-to’s for simple things like buttermilk. You can find 100s of article on how to make it by googling “how to make buttermilk”. But, I want to make Pickle Me Too a one stop ferment shop. I want people to come here and find whatever they need […]

Curtido Brussels Sprouts

Brussels sprouts are basically teeny tiny heads of cabbage. Anything that tastes good with cabbage, tastes good with Brussels sprouts. One of my favorite ways to make sauerkraut is as Curtido, a South American (El Salvado if you want to get uber specific) sauerkraut. Why not try it with my little mini cabbages?

I’ve […]

Fermented Elderberry Honey

I’ve been experimenting with a new (to me) method of fermenting using honey. I’ve made mead before and used honey in ferments but I’ve never used honey and the main ingredient. My first few honey ferments have been wonderful so I plan on sharing a few of the recipe ideas with you.

Raw honey […]

Pickle Me Tuesday: Indian Spiced Brine Cured Eggs

Pickle Me Tuesday! My new favorite day of the week. This week isn’t exactly a ferment but rather a cure. The amount of salt in this means virtually no microbial action is going on. So the end product of this is not probiotic just super tasty.

I ran across this idea for […]

Pickle Me Tuesday: How to Make a Turmeric Bug and Turmeric Soda


When I first started this blog back in 2011, I did a weekly Fermentation Friday. I did it for a full year and then decided to take a break from weekly ferments. Well, I’ve been wanting to start that up again but with a new name. Introducing Pickle Me Tuesdays! I’m going to […]