Fermentools Review and Giveaway

Ferments Review and Giveaway

I haven’t fermented much of anything in almost a year! I know. Crazy! After the move, I lost all my starters. They died from neglect. I was just too busy to take care of them and by the time things settled down, they were gone. No resurrecting them.

Besides a batch of pickled carrots or green beans here and there, I really haven’t done much in the way of fermenting.  I missed it. When Fermentools contacted me, asking if I would be interested in reviewing their product, it was the kick in the pants I needed to get my ferment back on.

The Review…

This month I had the pleasure of testing out a “new to me” fermentation lid from Fermentools. They sent me a lovely package filled with all sorts of goodies. Stainless steel extruded lids, gaskets, natural rubber stoppers, water airlocks, and salt. Himalayan very fine grained pink salt.

Many people are fine fermenting without using and special tools. Personally, I prefer to use an airtight vessel of some sort. Keeping oxygen out is the best way to ensure a successful ferment. You have little if any chance of mold and many speculate that you’ll have a product richer in lactic acid bacteria, the friendly bacteria that we want.

To test out these lids, I made a few different ferments. Spicy Green Beans, Carrot Sticks, Water Kefir, and Milk Kefir. They all turned out as expected, perfect.


These lids work with your wide mouth mason jars. No need to buy a special type of jar. Mason jars are cheap and easy to find everywhere. The lids work with any size, pint, quart, half gallon, as long as it’s a wide mouth jar.

They are not made of plastic! They are food grade 304 stainless steal. This fixes any worries about plastic you might have. Because they are not plastic, they are virtually indestructible. Instead of boring the hole out, creating metal shavings and sharp edges, the hole is extruded at a 10° angle. The angle produces a locking taper, meaning it creates a wedge when used with the airlock for an extra tight seal. It also strengthens the lid. Bending one of these would be a huge feat of strength. These lids are made to last a lifetime (or two).

The glass weights are great! They fill up more of the top space than any other glass weight I’ve tried. It’s made to fit a wide mouth mason jar without much room on either side. The perfect size.

Cheap! At least relatively speaking, they are cheap. You receive just the lid, gasket, and airlock. You provide the jar and tightening ring. You save big time on the product and on shipping costs.

I love their salt. It’s incredibly fine grained making it dissolve like a dream. It’s very well labeled with a chart instructing you on how much salt to use. If you don’t own a kitchen scale, no worries! They’ve weighed the salt and have listed on the package how many teaspoons/tablespoons of salt to use in order to get the brine percentage you want. Love it! I don’t think I’ll get my salt from anywhere else henceforth.


The gasket that goes between the lid and the jar, I’m just not crazy about. If you are familiar with Tattler lids, it’s the same kind of gasket used with those. They are not terrible, but they are thin. You have to be careful it’s aligned correctly when putting the lid on. I’d rather see a little bit thicker and wider gasket. That being said, I do understand that a thicker gasket would make getting the tightening ring on more difficult.

The airtightness of these types of lids is questionable. Screw on lid jars are not considered hermetically sealable because the screw on tightening action isn’t enough. I’m just saying it’s questionable. With a good gasket it might be good enough. If you aren’t particularly concerned about 100% hermetically sealed jars, then no worries. If you are concerned, these might not be the lids for you. Personally I have not had any trouble with mold using these lids and I live in a hot humid climate.


I think these lids are good. If 100% airtightness isn’t your biggest concern, these are great. They are inexpensive, durable, and in my experience they create an excellent end product. If you are new to fermenting and don’t want to invest in expensive fermentation vessels but still want to keep things anaerobic, these could be a good option for you.

The Giveaway!

Ok, now that you’ve heard all about Fermentools lids, here is your chance to win a Starter Kit. The starter kit includes one lid with gasket, natural rubber stoppers, airlock, glass weight, and 1 lb of extra fine grain Himalayan salt. Everything you need to get started. I’ve given you a few different ways to enter. Good luck!

Giveaway runs from 8/2/16 until midnight 8/8/16

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