Step By Step Paleo Plan


Are you a “jump in head first” or a “slow and steady wins the race” kind of person?

I tend to jump in and go full steam ahead but studies show that people tend to stick with changes over the long run if they are done slowly, step by step, week by week.

The Paleo diet is gaining in popularity and I think it’s great.  My biggest rule for nutrition is to eat real food.  You can read my definition of “healthy” here: What Does Eating Healthy Mean? The Paleo diet fits perfectly with that.  It’s all real food.

Ruth from Paleo Diet Basics asked me to review her e-Book series “Step by Step Paleo“.  The title of the series intrigued me as well as the format so I said I would love to.

What I love most about this series, you can choose your format.  If you are a “jump in head first” kind of person, you can buy the e-Book all together, read it in a couple days, and make the changes as fast as you want.

If you are a “slow and steady wins the race” kind of person, you can opt to receive each step by email once a week. I love this option because it prevents information overload.  Read about 1 change, why you should make the change and how to do it, and no more than that.

Now the book itself.  It’s very easy to follow, easy to understand, and entertaining.  When you get to week #2, you’ll understand why I posted this picture on Ruth’s Facebook wall.

Chuck Norris Like His Meat Rare

Each weeks gives you the basics of what to foods to get rid of, what foods to add, why you should and if you’d like to read more, she has included links to “Dig Deeper”. There is a recap of earlier weeks (just in case you need a reminder).  The changes you make aren’t overwhelming changes either.  If the thought of cutting out grains is too daunting, with this plan, you cut out a little bit at a time.  So instead of saying so long to bread in one jump, Ruth has you first move to eating healthier bread like a natural sourdough bread or spelt bread.  Then you begin limiting how much you eat to 2 slices a day and then you cut it out. It’s a much friendly weaning processes than going cold turkey.

This eBook series gets a big thumbs up for me.  If you want to move toward a more Paleo type diet, this is a great place to start.


Step By Step Paleo

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