60 Winter Squash Recipes Round Up

Winter Squash Round Up

Winter squash is one of my favorite things to grow in the garden.  Our garden is long dead but we are still enjoying stored squash. The amount of food we get from just a few plants is amazing.  We had 5 squash plants this year and ended up with nearly 20 very large squash type yummies.  They are stored in shelves in the basement, which stays just above freezing in the winter.  I’ve been trying to prepare squash at least once a week and was running out of ideas.  I called upon some of my wonderful blogger friends and they came to my rescue.  We will not get bored with squash. I received so many drool worthy recipes, I’m planning on planting more squash this next season. Now what different varieties to plant…

Squash is an incredible nutritious food.  Squash is listed as one of the top sources for caretenoids like alpha-carotene and beta-carotene  lutein, zeaxanthin, and beta-cryptoxanthin.  Squash is easy to digest and even though it has a sweet flavor, it is known to have the potential regulate blood sugar. They have varying amounts of sweetness.  If you are unsure of the sweetness level of the squash you have, this is a great post from It Takes Time, The Scoop on Squash talking about a few different varieties of squash. Here is how to make your own pumpkin puree from fresh pumpkin, any squash can be made this way, Make Your Own Canned Pumpkin Substitute. And here is a great article on how to properly store squash from Five Little Homesteaders, How to Store Your Winter Squash. And freezing tips from Melissa K. Norris, Freezer Tips.

To make things easier for my food sensitive friends, each entry is label whether it is gluten free (GF), grain free (GrF) and dairy free (DF). Many are GAPS legal and Paleo friendly.  If not, most recipes are fairly easily adjustable.

Gluten Free = GF
Grain Free = GrF
Dairy Free = DF

Savory Squash Recipes


Soup Recipes


Sweet Squash Recipes






Other Squash and Pumpkin Round Ups


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