Emergency! Emergency!

I started writing this as a Facebook update and it just got too long, so here on the blog it goes…

Are you bundled out?  Yeah, me too.  I was bundled out a long time ago.  Yes, they are excellent deals but how many ebooks do I really need?

I’ve helped promote a couple bundles (in case anyone is confused, a bundle sale is a selection of ebooks/videos/resources at a greatly reduced price) and I tried to only be involved in bundles I thought you would be interested in and that were truly an incredible deal.  Even then, I decided not to do anymore.  I just felt like bundle sales were everywhere and ya’ll were sick of them.

And then Wardeh from GNOWFGLINS told me about this bundle sale and I think I actually groaned out loud.  Not because it was yet another bundle sale but because I swore I wasn’t going to do anymore and this one not only looked amazing but it is needed.  NEEDED.  Seriously needed.  Did I say needed?  But is anyone going to listen?

Whether you believe we are on the brink of economic collapse, the zombie apocalypse, the end times or not, everyone NEEDS to be prepared for something.  It doesn’t have to be a cataclysmic event to need food and water stores.  It can be a simple as losing your job.  It can be as big as a hurricane.  It doesn’t have to be the end of the world for you to need to be prepared.

KerryAnn in her book “Real Food Storage” (part of the bundle and in and of itself, worth the purchase) tells her story of how her family had to live off of their food stores for a year when her family met economic hard times.  Nothing catastrophic.  But her forethought saved them.  The kids hardly knew anything was even off.


So onto the bundle, the Ultimate Survival Bundle *insert echoing voice*.  Today is the last day to get it and it won’t be available again.  You can purchase all the books separate if you want, but that will be expensive.  It’s only $29, making it about $.63 per resource.  Yowsers!

Just a few things you’ll learn:

  • how to make fire and find clean water and shelter
  • how to raise, preserve, and store your own food — whether you’re on land or in the city
  • how to use alternative energy sources (on the cheap)
  • how to defend yourself and why you should
  • how and why you should choose a sustainable currency — especially now in these economic hard times
  • how to use herbs and essential oils to treat medical emergencies and conditions
  • and more!

Plus, most of my friends know I’m prepared to take care of my family and make  comments about heading for our house in the event of the zombie apocalypse.  Guess what?  I don’t want you.  I only have enough for my family.  I want YOU to be able to take care of YOUR family.  Sorry for the caps.  It’s just to stress those words, not to yell.  Well, maybe said a little louder.  Don’t rely on someone else to take care of you.  Be responsible for you and yours.

Are you prepared?

Learn more here,

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