Review and Giveaway: The Boss Pickler from Primal Kitchen

I was contacted by Rochelle from Primal Kitchen to do a review of their new fermentation jar, The Boss Pickler *affiliate link*.  To be honest, I was very hesitant.  I’m pretty picky about my fermentation vessels.  I clicked through to at least look at the pictures of the jar and I got a little excited.  I’ve been hoping more fermentation vessels would start entering the market.  Personally, I don’t care for fermentation lids that work with mason jars so when I saw this was based on the Fido jar, I was happy.


They sent me a free weight and jar , The Boss Pickler 1.5L, to review.  My first test was with Indian Spiced Cauliflower which turned out perfect.  Since that first test, it’s the first lid I grab when making a new ferment.  I love it!

This is the description of the jar from their store:

This Italian glass jar is designed to be used for fermentation. It has a platinum silicone dome valve and matching silicone gasket. The valve functions by allowing internal pressure to expand the valve to release carbon dioxide; when pressure equalizes, the valve seals shut keeping oxygen out. The spherical shape of the valve will compress and seal even better if external air pressure increases due to weather change or sudden draft. This design simplifies the process by eliminating the extra parts, hassle, and awkwardness of water filled airlocks. It also allows your ferment vessel to be transferred directly to cold storage without any extra steps, and off-gassing can still take place in the fridge. The silicone valve may be safely removed for cleaning and easily reinserted. Fermenting your foods has multiple health and flavor benefits including making vitamins and minerals more available to your body and providing a powerful punch of probiotics and enzymes. It’s a great way to preserve food while still keeping it raw and full of nutrients. Lactobacillus, the bacteria that produce your sour flavor, only thrive in an oxygen-free environment, while most molds and yeasts require oxygen to thrive. This jar provides the correct Lacto-fermenting environment for maximum growth of good bacteria while minimizing undesirable bacteria growth.

How does this jar differ from other jars on the market?  The airlock.  It’s a waterless airlock that basically looks like a little bottle nipple.  When I saw the airlock, my first question was, “Is it really airtight?”  Without extensive lab testing, I’m not 100% sure but it sure seems like it is.  Especially in a ferment situation where the air pressure on the inside is higher than on the outside, oxygen is not going to get in.  Out of curiosity, while my experimental cauliflower was bubbling away, I gave the nipple a little pinch and could hear a rush of air come out.  The air can come out easily but not too difficult so the gasses shouldn’t build up too much inside.

Boss Pickler 

What do I like about this jar?  No water to evaporate.  Yippee!  It’s low profile.  I can pop the lid on a 5L Fido jar (the lids are interchangeable) and the airlock fits just fine under my cabinets on the counter.  And it fits perfectly in my refrigerator.  Love it!  If you live in a climate with extreme temperatures, fermenting in a cooler with either warm packs or ice packs is a great option.  With a low profile, even a 5L jar will fit in a cooler.


The airlock and gasket for the lid are made out of food safe silicone.  No bad stuff leaching into your foods.  No plastic at all.  I know people have expressed concern about the safety of the plastic in airlocks with the acidic nature of a ferment.  No worries with this lid at all.

I pulled the airlock out of my lid to investigate what’s underneath.  The drilled hole is nice and smooth, no sharp nicks.  The airlock fits nice and snug in the hole so I’m not worried about air getting around that way either.

Now the weights.  They are made out of lead free glass and artisan crafted.  Best weight I’ve used yet. It’s large size fits perfect in a Fido and is heavy enough to keep things down.  I’ll be needing more of these.


So now do you want one?  Primal Kitchen agreed to do a giveaway for my readers!  The winner will receive a free The Boss Pickler 1.5L and a weight.  A $30.99 value.  Giveaway will be open for 7 days starting now.  I’ll give you a few different ways to enter including one free entry.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

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