Pickle Me Too, Where in the World Have You Been?

Wow, my last post was… way too long ago.  You’re all probably wondering where in the world I disappeared to.  I’m still here, I’ve just unplugged a bit.

It all started when we went of a 3 week vacation where I had limited internet access.  I loved it.  We came home, got our homestead rolling for the season and I just haven’t had the time nor the desire to plug back in.  Add to that the fact that I haven’t been able to find the cord to my personal computer, I just have not been online much this summer at all.

So what have we been doing?

2013-07-07 16.48.51

We added a cow.  We’ve raised Buttercup (a Hereford) since she was a calf but Latte is new.  She’s a Jersey/Angus mix.  They are doing an excellent job of mowing the pasture.


We started a garden.  My first ever that actually seems to be producing.  5 years of failed gardens didn’t stop me from trying again.

We are hosting a CSA on our land.  A little more than an acre of our 15 is now a giant garden.  I was hoping to be able to help them out more this year but I’ve been busy with my own projects.  They are teaching me a lot about farming /homesteading.  My homestead has become a much better place since they came.


We added rabbits and we’ll be adding more this next week too.


All of my chickens save two were slaughtered by a nasty homicidal raccoon.  First it killed my layers and then a few nights later, it got all my meat birds.  One of the remaining girls seems to be suffering from PTSD.  Poor girl.  We’ll get more birds as soon as we build a more secure coop. This cage is temporary shelter for them.

We added a bunch of fruit trees and berry bushes.  I would love to have part of our land be an orchard but for the time being, these are around the house.  That might be next year’s project.

We are selling ferments at our local farmers market.  My goal this year is to get produce from our local farmers/gardeners, ferment it and sell it the follow weeks.  The cucumbers are finally pumping our cukes so we’re rolling in dill pickles!  I have 12 liters of kosher dills, 10 liters of dilly beans, and 12 pints of dilly carrots that should be ready for the market this Saturday.

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So as you can see, we’ve been busy.  Good busy.  I apologize for not being prompt at answering questions here on the blog, email, and on Facebook.  We do have a great group of Facebook that I try to stop in every so often and if I’m not there, there are others there able to answer questions.  Anaerobic Fermentation on Facebook.  Join us there!

What’s Coming…

Even though things are crazy busy, I do still have things planned for the blog this summer.  Stay tuned for some awesome reviews and giveaways.  They will be great, I promise!

I’m also working on a fermentation book that is slated to be published in 2014.  It’s going to be amazing!  While that’s going on, things will likely get quiet on the blog again but I’ll try to keep in touch here and there.

Ok, enough blabbering.  I’ve got things to do.

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4 comments to Pickle Me Too, Where in the World Have You Been?

  • G

    Oddly enough I’ve been follwoing you on facebook for a few months and just realized you are my “neighbor”. I live a couple miles east of Lake Darling.

    Small world.

    Anyways – enjoying your recipes!

  • Chelsea

    You are my hero 🙂

    Out of curiosity, do you transfer your ferments to different containers before shuffling them off to the farmer’s market? Fido jars, specifically the ones tailor-made for fermentation, can be pretty pricey. I guess a better way to phrase my question would be, how do you transfer your ferments to basic mason jars without compromising the cultures?

    Good luck and God bless you with all your expanding endeavors! Thank you for giving hope and inspiration to us aspiring homesteaders…


    • I hemmed and hawed over that question for a while before I started. Using Fidos would be cost prohibitive. No one is going to spend $15 for a jar of pickles. I figure most people will be eating the pickles right away so the time they are exposed to air is pretty minimal. I ferment in large jars (3-5L) and then transfer to mason jars once they are done fermenting. I cap them as tightly as I can. If people plan on buying some to keep for a while, I suggest they transfer them into Fido jars.

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