What’s So Bad About Gummy Candy?

What’s so bad about gummy candy?  Well, it’s not the gelatin.

I posted a picture on Facebook not long ago that got some interesting reactions.  Not exactly the reactions I was expecting.  It was a picture of a huge pile of carcasses being pushed around by a front loader next to a picture of gummy candy.

Kind of gross and in your face, right?  Makes you not want to eat gummy candy anymore, right?

This picture was floating around Facebook with various captions but most of them implied that gummy candies are bad because of the gelatin in them.

Here’s the thing.  The worst thing about gummy candies is not the fact that they are made with gelatin that comes from bones, skin and cartilage of animals but rather the other junk found in them.  I’d argue that that is the ONLY thing remotely good about gummy candies is the gelatin. 

What makes gummy candies bad is not the gelatin (which happens to be a good source of protein and a good use of leftovers in my opinion).  It’s everything else in these candies that is bad.

I simply find it disturbing that so many are ok with all the other ingredients but get grossed out about the one natural, good ingredient.  Are we so far removed from our food that we can’t accept gelatin comes from animals?  If you’re going to mad about gummy candies, be mad about what’s really bad in them.

This is the list of ingredients in a popular gummy candy:

Ingredients: corn syrup, sugar, citric acid and lactic acid, gelatin, fumaric acid, natural and artificial flavor and artificial color — yellow 5, blue 1, red 40, yellow 6 and titanium dioxide.

Every other ingredient on this list (beside maybe citric, lactic and fumaric acid) are things you don’t want in your body.  Gummy candies are not bad because they are made from the leftover carcasses of animals but because of the other ingredients in them.

Corn Syrup and Sugar

Do I need to go over the health risks of eating too much sugar?  If you need a refresher about why, check out Sean from Underground Wellness video.


Food Coloring (namely yellow #5 and Red #40)

These food additives are actually banned by many governments but still allowed in the US.  They are linked to hyperactivity in children and contain carcinogenic compounds.

Make Good Gummies Yourself!

Now rather than buy these for yourself or your children, try making them.  These Gummy Stars from Mommypotamus.  Seriously, they only take 5 mins to put together.

**A note regarding the big pile of carcasses.  I am all about the ethical treatment off animals and sustainable farming methods.  Let’s just pretend these were grass fed cows who led happy lives.  I’m sure these are probably CAFO cattle but that’s not my point here.  Also, this post is in no way meant to be an attack on veg*ns at all.  If you are going to be veg*n, please don’t be a candy-etarian or cake-etarian. And be mad about the other crap ingredients too!

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13 comments to What’s So Bad About Gummy Candy?

  • crosswind

    But, it’s also the SOURCE of the Gelatin… most candy is made gelatin from factory farm animals (toxic, sick animals). There is higher quality gelatin made from pasture/ grass fed animals. Great Lakes brand is popular.

  • I just got my first batch of great lakes gelatin. I have been drinking bone broth but only from chickens I purchase at the grocery store and I know that is not the healthiest. So this gelatin that I got should be good. I am going to try the recipe. I love gummy candy but have been off sugar since September, so haven’t had any in almost 6 months!

  • “Every other ingredient on this list (beside maybe citric, lactic and fumaric acid) are things you don’t want in your body.”

    I just wanted to mention that these additives (at least citric and lactic acid) are actually created by the fermentation of GMO corn processing waste by Aspergillus mold. So….even though citric acid and lactic acid are beneficial components of many natural foods, the ones manufactured by food processors are not something you want to ingest.

  • […] #3 What’s So Bad About Gummy Candy […]

  • Get over yourselves!! Really? They’re yummy, tasty and will always be a favorite for mostly all. If they don’t kill you something else will (The air we breathe or water we drink)

  • Noah

    Riva, yes, they are yummy, and “many” do consider them a favorite, but just as with fried foods, red meat, and a multitude of horrible ingredients our government allows to be put into our food, why would you be so frivolous with the health of the only body you have? Yes, we all are going to die one day, but ask yourself if you want to reach the end free from having to take one pill after another or chemotherapy treatments, colostomy bags hanging from your skin. NO, gummies might not cause all of that, but ignorance certainly will.

  • It’s all about the gelatin. But there’s an alternative to that — gummy candy manufacturers should now turn to CARRAGEENAN and drop gelatin from their recipes. It is a food additive that comes from seaweed and is deemed safe for human consumption.

  • Jackie

    Watch the really old classic movie of ‘Soylent Green’ by Charton Heston and you will see what the government lets us eat. Our future.

  • i don’t want to know how you Facebook thing went i want to know about gummy food.

  • Eve

    I just started eating these that 59 years old I like the brand Black Forest cuz they have a juicy juice Center I can’t stop eating these I love them I just want to know what they clog up my bowel duct or or give me some kind of health problem

    • Bobbie

      Eve, I have been wondering the same thing about the bile duct blocking. This has been a problem for me and I have been trying to figure out the cause. Drs have been running test and can’t seem to find what my problem is. I had a stent place in my bile duct in Sept and they removed it a month later. I’m still having a lot of pain and then a Ct-scam was done and they found a thickening of my stomach linning, now I’m going to have an endoscopy and colonoscopy. I’m worried too death at this point. I hope that it’s not the gunny bears are anything serious.

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