Cheater Pineapple Vinegar

Pineapple Vinegar

Pineapple Vinegar

You’ve probably noticed I haven’t been posting many vegetable ferments the past few weeks.  That’s for a couple reasons.  First, I’m a little burnt out on fermenting after doing so much this summer.  Hard to believe, huh?  I’ve been keeping up with my milk and water kefir as well as my kombucha, but that’s about it.  Second, my ferment fridge is jam packed full.  I cannot fit another thing in it until we eat more of the older ferments.  From the looks of it, we’ll be eating fermented vegetables all winter long.  That was my goal this summer, to have enough food preserved to get us from harvest to harvest.

That doesn’t mean I won’t be culturing food at all this winter but I do plan of expanding my experience and doing other things.  One of the things I want to learn about is vinegar making.

Has anyone tried making pineapple vinegar using scrapes (or apple vinegar)?  I did once and the concoction was quite scary.  I ended up tossing it.  I’m sure I didn’t do it right and may try it again at another point in time but for now I’ve found a simpler way to do it that makes a wonderful vinegar using pineapple juice and my lovely ACV mother.

If making ACV works so wonderfully with apple cider, why wouldn’t it work with other juices?  I could tell within a few days that my ACV mother was quite happy in her new home of pineapple juice. I could see a new culture forming right away.

Pineapple vinegar mother

Pineapple vinegar mother

After a couple months (depending on your taste), the juice will transform from a sweet juice to a a sour pineapple flavored vinegar.  It tastes great in salad dressings and I’m eager to try it with curtido.  While I make my curtido lactofermented, making it with pineapple vinegar is how it is traditionally made in some cultures.


To make this vinegar, you’ll need a large glass jar with a nice wide opening, like shown above minus the glass lid (good air flow is important for vinegar) and a piece of cloth with a rubber band.  You’ll also want an already formed ACV mother.  You can easily make one following these directions: Apple Cider Vinegar.

Pineapple Vinegar

  • 1 cup raw apple cider vinegar (homemade or store bought as long as it’s raw)
  • 2 quarts pineapple juice (either store bought or juiced at home)
  • 1 ACV mother
Place juice and vinegar in your clean jar. Lay mother on top.  If she sinks down or tilts sideways, it’s fine.  A new mother will begin to grow on top within a few days.  Cover container with a cloth secured with a rubber band.  Make sure it’s covered well because fruit flies love thisl.  Place in a dark location at room temp for about a month.  At this point you can begin tasting it.  Once it’s strong enough for your taste, you can drain off some of the vinegar and save some to make more.  To culture the vinegar faster, only drain off 25-50% of the vinegar and refill your container.  You can also split the mother at this point and either share with a friend or start another vinegar pot.



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11 comments to Cheater Pineapple Vinegar

  • Tina Harrington

    I make a pineapple vinagre, Daisy on the food network has the recipe. It’s made from the part of the pineapple you cut off, and the cores. Hot peppers and garlic, or onions. It’s wonderful I have several gallons of it. Great for cooking beans, or marinating meat, especially for pork.

  • Tina Harrington

    You simmer the pineapple peels and core in water, then add the hot peppers, garlic and onions to the liquid that is cooled. Add some Braggs to get it started, and store in a cool place.

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  • […] though some will use apple cider vinegar. I actually do have pineapple vinegar (recipe here: Pineapple Vinegar) but vinegar inhibits lactic acid bacteria, the bacteria we are trying to encourage. So rather than […]

  • Sheryl

    Would I be able to use a kombucha scoby in place of the acv mother?

  • khaled laouani

    j aime bien preparer les conserve a la maison et j ai beaucoup des idees et j aime bien les partager avec vous

  • polly

    I used a combucha scoby and some of the combucha which had turned to vinegar; I just added apple peels (no cores) and delicious apple vinegar developed. I just keep adding peels and more combucha….

  • Melissa

    Has anyone ever tried making vinegar from cranberry juice? I’d like to try it…. sounds like it would be good!

  • Melissa

    I decided to try to make a pomegranate champagne vinegar about a week ago and discovered today that there is a mother growing!!

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