Sauerruben, Fermented Turnips

Another recipe revised.  While I thought the way I used to make sauerruben was a great, this is so much better.  It’s much less salter and much more tastier.

I enjoy this turnip kraut on top of all sorts of different foods.  On top of burgers, hot dogs, eggs and my favorite, on top of salmon patties.


  • 3lbs turnips, trimmed and scrubbed
  • 19 gms of sea salt

Trim your turnips and scrub them well.  I don’t peel them since the skin is rich in the good buggies we want.

Using a grater or a food processor, shred turnips.

In a large bowl, sprinkle salt and mix in well.  Let set for about 30 mins to let the salt draw out the brine.

Pack into your jar (a 1.5L Pickl-it should work fine).  Press turnips in using a rolling pin, kraut pounder or wooden spoon.  Push down firmly so the turnips create a brine and the air bubbles are pushed out.

Fill to the shoulder of the jar, no higher.  Once the jar is full, you should have at least 1″ of brine on the top.  If you don’t have that much, you can add 2% brine as needed (19 gms of sea salt per quart).

Seal your jar, don’t forget to fill the airlock with water, and set in a warm place for 5-7 days.  Once the bubble activity slows down, remove to cold storage.

You can start consuming it right away.  This should last at least 1 year in the fridge if sealed in an airtight jar.

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