Fermented Sweet Orange Ginger Carrots


One of the things my CSA specializes in is awesome carrots.  Last year when I first met Ilene from North Star Farm at the Pride of Dakota fair, they were serving up some delicious carrots as samples.  My kids kept coming back and asking for more and more.  Who can resist a kid asking for another carrot?  Not Ilene!

We’ve been getting a few pounds of carrots here and there.  Marv (Ilene’s husband) assures me that the best carrots come after the first frost which will come all to soon I’m sure.  I’m thinking this recipe will be extra super with the sweet tasting post-frost carrots.  I’ll let you know.

This recipe is for just one quart of Sweet Ginger Carrots but you might want to consider doubling or tripling the recipe.  One quart isn’t going to last you long.  This is a good pickle!

Sweet Ginger Carrots

  • 1 cinnamon stick
  • 1″ ginger knob, slivered
  • Orange zest from 1 orange
  • 3 tbsp rapadura (or maple syrup or heated honey*)
  • 1 quart worth of carrot sticks
  • 2% brine (19 gms of sea salt per 1 quart of water)
  1. Warm 1 cup of salt brine enough to dissolve 3 tbsp of sweetner.  Let cool to room temp.
  2. In a 1.5L jar, add cinnamon stick, ginger and orange zest.  Pack carrots in tightly.
  3. Pour sugar/salt brine over the top and use a Dunk’R to keep everything under the brine.
  4. Seal tightly, don’t forget to add water to the airlock.
  5. Let set at room temp for about 5-7 days or until bubble activity dies down.
  6. Remove to cold storage and enjoy!

These carrots just get better with time and will last a good year or so in the fridge. *if using honey, you’ll want to heat the honey to kill all the good stuff in it.  The enzymes and natural occurring bacteria can interfere with the natural fermentation process.  To do this, bring the water with salt and honey to a boil.  Let cool to room temp before pouring over the carrots.

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