Fermentation Friday: Repacking Jars


Repacking fermented pesto.

*Insert whiny child voice* “Do I really have to repack my jars when they are eaten down?”

Of course I can’t make you do anything but if you want to keep the full benefit of the ferment you so painstakingly made, you might consider it.

I recommend people repack their jars once they are 50% empty.  If it’s more than 50% empty, the ferment has a hard time competing with all the oxygen introduced when you open it to get a serving out.  50% full or more and it does fine.  To read more about why oxidation is bad for ferments, check out KerryAnn’s article Does Oxidation Affect Fermentation?

So even though it’s a pain, repack your ferments as you eat them down.   Use a spatula to press out air bubbles and don’t worry about filling only to the shoulder. Your ferment shouldn’t be quite so active anymore so you can fill a little fuller.

And because people will ask, yes, that is fermented pesto and it is amazing.  Recipe coming…

This Week in Fermenting

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Lisa from Lisa’s Counter Culture has a couple new great sounding recipes for Watermelon Salsa and Spiced Watermelon Rinds.  I can’t wait to try these!  Lisa also has a book coming out this next week which I am so excited to read.  Like her on Facebook so you can buy the book when it’s available.  It is available for preorder on her website.

Lydia from Divine Health from the Inside Out revamped her recipe for Lactofermented Asian Veggie Medley for a anaerobic fermentation.  This sounds delicious!

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