Summer Squash Relish

I love summer squash but boy, when they are ready to harvest they are relentless.  We’re drowning in summer squash here.  I try to eat as much fresh veggies from the harvest and then once we’re sick of it, I start putting some up for the winter.  If your getting as much squash as we are getting, you have enough to do lots of experiments.

This week I finally got to try making Zucchini Chips from and I will be making a lot more of these.  A lot more.  They are so yummy, even my pickiest eater gobbles them up.

Beside freezing and dehydrating, fermenting is another great option.  Many people use summer squash like cucumbers for pickles, like these yummy Yellow Squash Pickles.  I’ve also heard they make a good bread and butter pickle but I have yet to try that (I’m not very fond of sweet pickles).

This week I’m making Summer Squash Relish (or Squash Kraut if you will).  I had started shredding up my excess Patty Pans to freeze when I noticed they put out a good amount of brine which lead me to think they would make a great relish.  Voila, Summer Squash Relish.

How can you use this?  Like any shredded veggie, this would be great on top of burgers, hot dogs or sausages.  Or just fill up a bowl and have at it.  Yum!

Summer Squash Relish

  • About 2.5 to 3 lbs summer squash (any variety)
  • 1-2 small onions
  • 2 sprigs of thyme, leaves only
  • 19 gms salt

Using a food processor or grater, shred summer squash.  Slice onions thinly.  Using a scale, measure how much squash you have and add enough onions to bring the total weight to 3lbs.  Add thyme leaves.  Sprinkle salt while mixing it all together.  Let set for a few minute to let the juices start flowing.  Pack into your fermenting vessel (a 1.5L Pickl-It jar).  I use a rolling pin to pack the veggies in and push the brine out.

Pack jar to the shoulder, no higher.  You should have plenty of brine to cover the veggies but if for some reason you don’t, you can top it with a 2% saline solution (19 gms of salt per quart of water).

Let set at room temp for about 5 days or until bubble activity dies down.  Remove to cold storage and enjoy.



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