Fermentation Friday: Masala Okra

Okra, either you love it or you hate it.  I had never really had okra before, just a few bites of frozen okra.  My CSA farm planted a bunch of okra this year so I’ve been lucky enough to get it fresh.  I had no idea we could even grow it here.  Okra is for sure on my list of plants to grow in my own garden next year. You can put me on okra’s love list.

I sure hope your not getting tired of my Indian spice blends in ferments.  Okra is a popular dish in India so my first thoughts for spices went to Indian.  This is a different blend than my other Indian spiced pickles.  I hope you love it as much as I do.

You can either ferment these whole or cut them into slices.  I like them whole myself.  Because okra is slimy, these pickles will be slimy.  Just a warning.  If you have texture issues, you might not be able to get past the slime.  As long as I know the slime is good for me, I’m ok with it.

Masala Okra

Fermented Masala Okra

  • 1/2 tsp turmeric (whole turmeric root is best,  1″ piece slivered)
  • 5 dried chilies or 1 tsp crush red pepper
  • 1 tbsp cumin seed
  • 1 tbsp coriander seed
  • 1/2 tsp mustard seed
  • about 2-3 lbs fresh okra
  • 2% salt brine (19 gms of salt per quart of water)

Place your spices in your fermentation vessel (Pickl-It is what I recommend).

Add your okra up to the shoulder and pour the 2% brine over everything leaving about 1″ of head space.

Since the okra is hollow, they will want to float so you’ll need a Dunk’R.  You can add a shot glass on top of that to help hold it down.  If some of the okra floats, in a Pickl-it they will be fine and shouldn’t mold but they might not ferment as well as the rest of the veggies since the fermentation happens under the brine.

Seal your jar, fill your airlock and let set at room temp for about 5 days.  Once bubbly activity dies down, you can move them to the fridge.

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14 comments to Fermentation Friday: Masala Okra

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    • Angela

      You can buy whole turmeric at Indian grocery stores that carry fresh vegetables. It looks like very thin ginger root, but is either bright yellow or orange inside the skin.

  • Any thoughts on where to source whole turmeric root?

    • Melanie

      I have not found a source for whole turmeric yet. I think I’m just going to have to look for it when I go home to Minnesota next month.

  • Ok, thanks. I was thinking when I go visit my family this fall I will try and pick some up at Jungle Jim’s. Surely they will have it. I’d like to try pickling a turmeric root and ginger root combo. But I digress… 🙂

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  • Anita

    The last time I fermented okra, I used a gallon jar with airlock. I put okra, jalapeno peppers, onion strips and some bell peppers (all grown in the garden), all together in there. Poured in brine, fixed the lid/airlock, set in a back room with towel around it for several days. Yes, it was slimey when I opened it. So I poured off the brine/slime, and poured in raw vinegar (Braggs) until it was all covered again. Then I put the jar in the fridge. Let it stay like that. Eventually, I took out some of the okra and a little of the jalapeno and put it in the blender with some of my homemade sauerkraut. Blended it all up to a relish consistancy. We discovered that we LOVE this stuff! We were putting it on fried eggs for breakfast even. LOL! We were going through a quart at a time real quick, then I ran out of okra/peppers. Garden season was long over so I didn’t have any more. Putting the okra/etc. into the vinegar cut the slime and added a vinegary taste that we like. Don’t know if it helped the good bugs or not… everything stayed good for a long time in the fridge until it was all gone.

    • Melanie

      Pouring off the brine is probably what cut the slime but the slimy brine is where all the probiotic goodness it, lol! And the vinegar did kill all that was remaining. Some have a hard time getting past that slimy brine and I don’t blame you for pouring it off! I did find after leaving it in the fridge for a looong time, the slime broke down a lot and got better.

  • Megan

    Just found whole turmeric at Whole Foods and purple okra at the farmers market. Put everything in 2 Pickl-It jars this morning. Can’t wait until next weekend to see how it turns out!

  • Leslie

    Oh my gosh!!! These are to die for, YUM!! Thanks so much for posting your recipes 🙂

  • Micky

    I wish I knew if your recipe is good for a quart or half-gallon.

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  • Linda

    Are these okra crisp after fermenting? I love pickled okra and I am growing okra again this year. Can’t wait to try!

  • Want CRISP?…Throw in a bay leaf

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