Lavender Honey Milk Kefir

I’ve heard of people doing a second ferment with lavender and honestly I thought it couldn’t be good.  I like the smell lavender but the smell to me doesn’t translate to a good taste but maybe that’s just me.  I gave it a try anyway and I’m glad I did.  I can’t even begin to describe the taste.  I envisioned it tasting like eating a flower, which doesn’t appeal to me, but that’s not what I experienced.  It was very pleasant tasting.  The smell of lavender is infused throughout the kefir and the smell does indeed translate to a wonderful taste.  Sweetening it with honey just seemed right.  The flavor of fresh raw honey with lavender is heavenly.

I purchased my lavender through my local Frontier buying club but you can purchase it online also at Amazon or better yet, grow your own!  I planted two different lavender plants this year so we’ll see how much that gives me.

So why use lavender (beside the heavenly scent)?  Well the scent is said to help relieve headaches and tension though the scent is a bit too strong for me and makes my headaches worse.  But it works for many.  Lavender has also been long known to help sooth nerves and get you ready to sleep, especially for babies.  It’s also been known to sooth an upset stomach so it seems natural that lavender kefir would be great for a tummy ache.
Lavender honey kefir
Lavender Honey Kefir

  • 1 quart milk kefir already fermented for 24 hrs (Cultures for Health carries kefir grains)
  • 1 tsp lavender flower heads
  • honey to taste
Strain your milk kefir and set aside grains for another batch.  Mix lavender into kefir and let set for another 8-12 hrs.  Strain out flower heads and sweeten to taste.

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4 comments to Lavender Honey Milk Kefir

  • Katie P

    Have you heard/read any concerns about using lavender with young boys?

    • Melanie

      I have heard that. From what I understand it is from repeated use (using a hair product all the time that’s lavender scented). Using it here and there shouldn’t be of concern. My boys think it smells girly so I’m not worried about them getting it too much. I haven’t given them the lavender flavored kefir simply because I’m hoarding it for myself, lol! That’s a good reminder though, thank you!

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