Thyme for Radishes

My plan this season was to post recipes in season as the harvest comes in.  Silly me forgot that our growing season is a good month or two later than the rest of the US.  We are on the edge of zone 3 and 4 so we just finished putting things in the ground.  While everyone else is talking about carrots, broccoli and peas, we just pulled up radishes and snipped garlic scrapes.  We have some greens that look like they’ll be ready next week, cross my fingers.

I’ve been excited for radishes.  These make a very tasty snack and are great on salads as well.  Radishes are easy to find year round for me organic radishes are unheard of.  I hope to put up a couple quarts to get me through to the next harvest.  My herb garden that we planting this year is doing nicely so I was happy to use fresh orange thyme, just snipped.  It is important to use a sprig of  fresh thyme. Dried will just float to the top a could be a potential mold hazard.  Plus fresh just tastes so much better!  I add dried chilies but they are optional.  I add chilies to everything.

After the radishes have been fermenting for a couple days, the colors will bleed and they’ll be pink throughout.


Thyme for Radishes

  • 2 lbs radishes, quartered
  • 1/2 onion sliced thin.
  • 1 sprig fresh thyme
  • 3 dried chilies (optional)
  • 2% brine (19 grams of salt per quart)*
Place chilies and thyme in the jar first and layer radishes and onions.  Pour brine over the top, push everything down with a weight (like a Dunk’R) and seal your jar.  Don’t forget to add water to your airlock.  Let set at room temp for 5-7 days.  You’ll know it done when you no longer see a rush of bubbles when you tap the jar.
*I like to make a gallon of salt brine at a time.  I get about 16 gms of salt per tablespoon so to make a gallon of 2% brine, I need about 4 tbsp plus 2 1/2 tsp of salt per gallon.

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4 comments to Thyme for Radishes

  • Liz

    I LOVE radishes, too! Never thought to include thyme, though. Thanks!

  • Mike

    I recently did a 50-50 daikon and watermelon radish ferment, and it was amazing! I used the very same technique I do for sauerkraut: slice thinnishly, salt, squeeze out liquid. No extra addition of brine needed. My partner forbade me to open the jar inside; it has a distinct sulfur odor.

  • […] Each week I try to ferment at least one new thing. I try to always have at least 2 brine veggies ferments going at all times. Right now I’ve got fermented cauliflower and spanish black radish. I also just started a batch of beet kvass which won’t be ready for awhile. Since it’s spring at the Farmer’s Market is back up and running – my goal is to pick up some veggies each week to ferment. This week I picked up some radishes to make my friend Melanie’s recipe; Thyme for Radishes. […]

  • Peggy O'Neill

    Sorry to be that pesky person! How long should Thyme for radishes keep? Is it possible for you to correct your recipes online as you get questions from visitors?

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