Pickled Asparagus with Lemon


If you haven’t tried lactofermented asparagus, you really should.  This is another easy peasy ferment.  No pounding, chopping, smashing required.  I’d like to say this asparagus is fresh from my garden but so far only 2 beautiful shoots have popped up.  It’s common for asparagus to keep coming up through out June and even into July in this northerly climate.  This is the first year my asparagus is old enough to harvest.  I started with 6 plants, accidentally dug up 4 of them last year and only one came up this year.  Boo!  I will replant more next year.

Make sure your asparagus is fresh, no mushy tips.  Snap off the bottom woody part, pop in the jar and your ready to go.

Pickled Asparagus with Lemon

  • 2 lbs asparagus
  • Zest from 1 organic lemon
  • 1/2 onion, sliced
  • 2% salt water brine (19 gms of salt per 4 cups water)

Place asparagus in an appropriately sized jar (a 2L jar worked perfect for me).  Tuck zest and onions between spears.  Weigh down asparagus with a Dunk’R.  Close the top and don’t forget to add water to the airlock.  Let set at room temp for about 5-7 days.  Once activity dies down (no more bubbles), place in cold storage.

Part of GAPS Friendly Friday

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14 comments to Pickled Asparagus with Lemon

  • Mo

    thank you for the fermenting recipes..exactly what I was looking for online today. Bless you and yours.

  • Ooh. I just had some lactofermented asparagus on my salad for lunch today. Slightly different recipe, but same idea. Lemon is definitely nice. They were so yummmy!! Glad I have another jar. 🙂

  • Yum!!! We did pickled asparagus last year and it was delicious! We didn’t add lemon, though, I bet that’s even better! THanks for sharing with GAPS Friendly Fridays 🙂

  • Dory

    I made this recipe yesterday and I’m afraid I filled the Pickl-It jar too high…
    I placed the dunk’r on top, but I still had stray asparagus heads and slices of onion popping up. I added some more water and still had the same thing. I took some cabbage leaves and weighed them down with the dunk’r, but when I checked on the asparagus (a day later) the water level was even with the neck of the bottle. I still have over an inch of space, but wasn’t quite sure if I needed to do anything. Thank you for any assistance!

    • You should be ok. Asparagus doesn’t heave like sauerkraut does so it shouldn’t overflow. As long as you are using a Pickl-it and it’s sealed well, don’t worry about floaters. I try to get everything under the brine as much as possible but floaters always happen. Whatever is sticking up just won’t ferment the same as the rest since fermentation happens under the brine.

  • melissa

    I am not really seeing any bubbles and the asparagus has been in the pickl-it for 2 days and 1 night already. I washed the asparagus with a natural veggie soap and rinsed it well before I put it in the pickl-it. could that be why? maybe i’m not patient enough???

    • I don’t think the veggie wash would affect it. If it’s cool where you are, it might take a little longer. If you look at the airlock, is the piece inside pushed up at all? Sometimes ferments don’t bubble a whole lot. If the piece is pushed up, it’s working.

  • Melissa

    Thanks! also, mine has been fermenting for 8 days and there are still tiny bubbles on the top. Will they be completely gone if the ferment is done? also, Should all the asparagus be dark in colour? Most of mine is, except there are a few pieces that still have some brighter green spots… Just not sure how long it should still ferment for. Thanks!

  • Melissa

    So we tasted the asparagus-pretty potent! They are not hard and crispy all the way through some are more bendable, especially at the base…is this normal? First time fermenting and we are kind of nervous to eat the asparagus!!!!

  • Yum! I just sampled one and the lemon is just a perfect complement to the asparagus!

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  • Jessica

    Melanie, I’ve tried several ferments, and I must be doing something wrong. Everything tastes so strong – sour and briney. Each ferment is pretty much the same. Any suggestions? Thanks,

    • Sour and briney sounds like what a pickle should taste like. You might just need to get used to the flavor. The salt does get eaten over time and should get less salty tasting but the sour only gets stronger with time.

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