Blueberry Cobbler Kefir

Cutie Patutie loves it!

I made this combo with dairy kefir but I bet it would be great as kombucha or water kefir as well.  I’ll be trying it out with my next kombucha batch.  There is something about the spices that just makes the blueberry flavor pop.  So yummy!  Much more interesting than simple blueberry yogurt (which I do love by the way).

This is done as a second ferment for kefir.  Make your kefir as you normally would and then follow these directions.  For me, I add about 2-4 tbsp worth of kefir grains (guesstimate) to a quart of milk and let set at room temperature for about 24 hours or until the kefir pulls away from the side of the jar when you tip it.  Occasionally I’ll give the jar a gentle shake to move the grains around.  The kefir seems happier when I do that.  I then strain out the grains using a plastic strainer like this strainer from Cultures For Health and set aside for another batch.


Blueberry Cobbler Kefir

Add blueberries, nutmeg and cinnamon to kefir and let set for another 8-12 hours.  Refrigerate until cold.  Add sweetener to taste.  I find 20 drops of stevia is perfect for a quart of kefir.

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