Orange Spice Kombucha

Orange spice

Another winner!  My favorite part about kombucha is coming up different flavor combinations.  This one is so good, I’ve been hoarding orange peels so I can make more.  This spice combination works great with milk kefir as well (and I would assume water kefir too).  Scale up or down for more or less.  I don’t recommend using the whole orange peel but rather just the zest.  The white pith can leave a bitter taste.  If you don’t care for star anise, it can be left out and still taste wonderful.  I’ve had it both ways but the one with star anise is really good.

This is a recipe using already brewed kombucha.  It’s not recommended to add flavor during the first fermentation phase since the oils can damage the SCOBY and the spices and zest can get stuck in it.  To read about how to brew kombucha, check out my kombucha page and my post about a continuous brewing system.

Orange Spice Kombucha (2 quarts)

Combine everything in a large jar or divide spices between 2 quart jars. Cover tightly and let set for 3-4 days.  You can strain the spices and zest out and place in flip top bottles or just store as is in the fridge.  Flavor will deepen with time if spices are left in it.

To do this with kefir, add spices and zest (I left out the juice) after the initial ferment.  Let set at room temp for another 8-12 hours then move to the fridge.  Let it further steep for another day or 2 in the fridge and then strain out spices and zest.  We sweeten ours with a bit of stevia.  This can also be done with other yogurts during the first fermentation.

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