Apricot Star Anise Kombucha

Apricot Star Anise


I had 4 gallons of kombucha to play with this last week  so I thought I would have some fun.  This particular one turned out amazing!  Anise seems to be one of those spices that people either love or hate.  I’m in the love group and apricots with anise just puts it over the edge of awesomeness.  Use fresh star anise if you have it, otherwise extract will do fine.  Fresh star anise smells wonderful and I love seeing the stars floating in the booch.

Like nearly all spices, star anise has health benefits.  Very interestingly star anise contains shikimic acid which is used to make the prescription drug Tamiflu.  Now that I know this, when I see the first signs of the flu here, we’ll start downing star anise tea.  We rarely get the flu but just in case it’s nice to know.  It also has expectorant properties, thinning mucous and clearing it out.  Traditionally it’s been used to aid in digestion.  And for my breastfeeding friends, star anise has been touted as a galactogue and may help increase your supply (with an added side effect of increased libido and easing PMS symptoms, woohoo!).

This recipe makes 1 gallon of kombucha and is easily scaled up or down.

Apricot Star Anise Kombucha

Add apricots and star anise to a gallon of pre-brewed kombucha.  Cover tightly and let set 2-3 days.  Strain kombucha and place in flip-top containers if desired (save fruit to add to yogurt, it’s tasty!).  You can just store it all together and eat the fruit as you drink it.


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7 comments to Apricot Star Anise Kombucha

  • Deborah

    This is too funny! I never did a 2nd culturing (or any flavoring) of kombucha until a few days ago. I decide I would do star anise! What a coinky-dink. My husband loved it, which is the first time he’s ever enjoyed kombucha. He said it was like root beer to him. I used a higher ratio of star anise to kombucha (3-4 stars to 3/4 gal kombucha), but it was the very end of a pkg of star anise, so I bet they weren’t as strong as a new package.

  • Sara

    This sounds great. Can you use dried star anise?

    • Melanie

      By dried do you mean powdered (my star anise whole pieces are dried)? You definitely could though you’ll still have the powder in the jar. Powdered spices tend to collect in the baby that forms during the second ferment so if you do a quick strain before drinking, it should be fine.

      • Sara

        No, I meant dried whole star anise. I just wasn’t sure what you meant when you said “fresh” star anise. Cool. I can get that where I live. Thanks!

  • annie

    So you’re referring to flavoring the whole gallon… my method has been (just for the past several months) to brew for 7-10 days, then bottle and flavor on the same day to let for 2nd carbonation for another 3-5. Do you think this is applicable for flavoring right in the bottle? But another question, does it harm the SCOBY to flavor directly into the brewing vat?!

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