Crazy Simple Cheater Fermented Salsa

You really seriously can’t get simpler than this.  Of course if you want to chop up your own tomatoes, onions, peppers and herbs, go right ahead!  I’m sure I will later in the summer when all of those things are in season but for now, I want salsa and I’m lazy.

If you’ve been hesitant to try a ferment because it just seems like too much work, now you have no excuse.  Just do it!

This salsa tastes amazing on so many things.  Not just for tortilla chips (I like to fry up some sprouted corn chips occasionally though).  I put it on eggs, hamburgers, tacos, enchiladas… so many options.  Just make sure to add it to your food just before serving.  You don’t want to overheat it and kill all those good bacteria!

Cheater Salsa

  • about 1 quart fresh salsa, from the deli section
  • 1/4 cup starter culture (whey or veggie culture)
  • about 1-2 tsp salt (add to taste because the salsa probably already has salt in it)

Dump in a bowl and mix all ingredients together.  Gently press into a mason jar, pushing the salsa under the liquid.  You will probably have a little left over, just eat it.  Use a weight to keep the solids under the liquid, cover and let set for about 5 days.  Use an airlock like this or cover tightly and burp the jar daily to release gases.  I like my salsa with a fermented zing so the last day or two I cover it tightly and don’t burp it.  The gases build up making it carbonated.  Woohoo!

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8 comments to Crazy Simple Cheater Fermented Salsa

  • Jim

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  • […] pan for little individual servings but you can make it in a loaf pan too.  Top with extra salsa (fermented salsa for some extra probiotic boost) and sour cream before […]

  • JH

    We are dairy free so we cannot use whey. Where can i buy veggie culture or even better how can i make my own?

    • I get my starter from Caldwell’s Vegetable Starter is the one I recommend. If you are using fresh ingredients and an good anaerobic jar like a Pickl-it, you can leave the starter out completely. The vegetables themselves should have enough lactic acid bacteria on them to start the ferment. I actually prefer to use no starter now.

  • Sharon

    I’m new to fermenting and using a Pickl-It. Last night I made my own salsa and put it in a Pickl-It. I chopped the ingredients in a food processor, so the pieces are small/fine. Do I still need to use the Dunk’r?

    Also, you mentioned you leave your’s out for 5 days. Will it have a strong sour taste then? What would be the minimum days to leave out? Thanks.

    • Hi Sharon, yes the salsa does get more sour the longer you let it go. You can let it set just one day and that’ll be long enough to get some good bacteria going. I’ve actually learned since writing this recipe that salsa should be fermented for a shorter time because the it can turn to alcohol quickly. I let mine go for 1-3 days depending on how warm my house is.

  • Hi Melanie –

    Thanks for you site – you were pivotal in getting me started with fermenting veggies nearly 1 year ago. I’ve been happily creating ferments since!

    I just attempted my first batch of salsa. I made up a fresh batch of salsa – about 1 quart’s worth — and added 2 tsp salt and put it in my Pickl-it jar.

    Unlike other ferments, no bubbles appeared. (I made some carrot/daikon ferment at the same time that was just bubbling away on the counter.) After 2 days, I added a bit of starter culture but still no bubbles.

    Just because I don’t see the bubbles, it is fair to conclude that fermentation is not happening?

    I’ve had the salsa on the counter for about 4 days now — normally the time I would move a ferment to the fridge. I’m not sure if I should try adding something more to the salsa to try and promote bubbling or just trust that the magic has happened even though I don’t see it.

    Do you have any suggestions?

  • I’ve been making fermented tomato juice, using a fido jar that a friend drilled & airlock. The last 2 batches have had white mold or scum on the surface. I’m confused because I thought this wouldn’t happen in an anaerobic environment. I have used 1T salt and 4T Bubbies juice as starter per quart of tomatoes. Do you have any idea why I am getting mold?

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