Cherry Vanilla Kombucha


Cherry Vanilla Coke, move over!  Meet Cherry Vanilla Kombucha.  This is for you sweet husband.  I’m hoping this combination will make him a kombucha fan.  He thinks it’s ok but isn’t particularly smitten with it.  Now Cherry Vanilla Coke, he adores.  He will go out of his way to go to a store he knows always carries it.  To his credit, he has made a concerted effort to avoid soda but I know he caves for a Cherry Vanilla Coke occasionally.  I think it tastes better than Coke without the HFCS and artificial flavors.  And it’s good for you!  Score!

I’ll be honest, soda is a weakness of mine.  And my favorite is the worst of the worst, Mountain Dew.  I haven’t had a soda many months and the last one I had was because there was nothing else to drink.  I’m pleased to say I only took a sip and found it too sweet to finish.  Is soda a weakness of yours?  I’ve heard many people beat the soda habit with kombucha or water kefir.  What finally convinced me was watching Sugar: The Bitter Truth.  I did watch the long version but am thankful for Sean from Underground Wellness’s “Short Version”.  This scared me into shunning sugar forever.

Enough about sugar.  On to the Cherry Vanilla Kombucha!

I love the red tone the kombucha takes from the cherries.

Cherry Vanilla Kombucha

In your quart mason jar (or upcycled glass jar), add cherries and vanilla.  Pour kombucha over them right up to the rim of the jar.  Cover tightly to build up carbonation.  The cherries cause it too carbonate pretty fast so to avoid an exploding jar (it can happen), you might want to burp it once or twice a day.  Let it set for about 2 days then strain off the fruit and transfer to flip top bottles.  I love these bottles!  You can either drink right away or let set for another day to rebuild carbonation.  Move to the fridge to stop yeast and bacteria activity or drink up!  Kombucha doesn’t last long in our house.  I keep my kombucha on the counter in a cooler part of the kitchen because it seems to lose carbonation once you refrigerate it.

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35 comments to Cherry Vanilla Kombucha

  • Anne T.

    Great post! I’ve used cherries in my kombucha too, with almond flavoring. Makes it reminiscent of one of my old favorite sodas — Dr. Pepper. Kombucha helped me kick the soda habit, too. 🙂 I’ve tried many different fruits — raspberries, blueberries, apples w/cinnamon, cranberries w/lemon — they’re all yummy! 🙂 However, I just leave the fruit in the kombucah for the entire time they’re in the refrigerator. I like the idea of all that fermented goodness! 🙂 And, my kombucha does not lose its carbonation at all in the fridge. Wonder why yours does….?

    • Melanie

      I wonder too. Even the flip top bottles seem to lose carbonation after a time. I do leave the fruit in if it’s in a mason jar. The fruit gets stuck in the bottles. If I do strain it out, we still eat it 🙂 I like to add it to yogurt.

  • Jessica

    Just the past two batches of kombucha has lost its carbonation and we were troubleshooting to find out why. We had thought maybe it was the refrigeration, but haven’t had that problem in the past. I was also considering the fact that I am using recycled jars and perhaps the lids were getting old. I have been brewing and using them for 2 years! Kombucha doesn’t last long in our house either. Will bookmark this recipe. My hubby used to love cherry soda!

    • Melanie

      Well, I just found out its not the refrigeration either. I just popped open a bottle that was super fizzy yesterday that is totally flat. It’s still sweet so I know it didn’t run out of fuel. Weird. I’m going to leave the rest on the counter to see if I can build up carbonation again. It still tastes great I just really like the fizz.

  • OOh, cherry vanilla sounds great. I have some ‘buch brewing and some cherries in the freezer!

  • Mmm, this sounds yummy! I love experimenting with different flavors. My latest creation is ginger-rose – yum! I LOVE using vanilla bean. It has a kind of cream soda flavor to it.

  • Danielle

    Did you use almond extract? Trying to kick the soda habit and thinking of trying this.

    • Melanie

      I haven’t tried almond extract yet but now I want too. That sounds yummy! It’s fun playing with different flavor combos.

    • Melanie

      And good for you trying to kick the soda habit! I just commented to my husband the per day after a long hike how nice it was to not crave a soda. Our former selves’ first stop after a long hike would have been a gas station for some soda. This time I brought along some kombucha and no one missed the soda 🙂

  • Danielle

    Question, when you say pour Kombucha over you mean the tea that has been sitting in the scoby? I am trying to learn how to do this.

    • Melanie

      Yes! It is what’s called a second ferment. The first ferment is fresh sweet tea over the SCOBY and the second ferment uses the tea, minus the SCOBY. I don’t add flavoring during the first ferment just to keep the SCOBY healthy. Oils from different plants/flacorings can damage it.

  • roger burns

    Check the rubber o-rings on your bottles. They get less elastic over time and need to be replaced. You can find them at a local home brewing shop or online.

    Thanks for the article. I love kombucha, and over the past several months have really cut out HFCS from my diet and have lost weight, and feel better. We still have a long way to go, but making our own food each night has been the best method to know what you are eating.

    • Melanie

      That’s awesome!

      The bottles I have are still pretty new. I did figure out that I just need to leave them out a lot longer, like at least a full week. My kitchen is too cold I guess.

  • Kurt S

    The CO2 goes into solution better when it’s cold. It may sound like it’s carbonated when you open a warm one on the counter, but it probably isn’t. The CO2 is just in the head space, not in the liquid.
    It needs more pressure to get it into solution when it’s warm.
    Bottle it, let it sit longer, don’t burp it, and then fridge it.

    • Melanie

      Thanks Kurt! That’s exactly what I started doing. It just needed more time on the counter. I do have a hard time restraining myself from burping them though 🙂 I did not know that about CO2 going into the solution better when it’s cold. Thank you!

  • Just restarted my buch. I’m starting this today 😀

  • vasiliki


    • Melanie

      Yes! Kombucha and vinegar, unlike other ferments, need air. I put a thin towel (flat cloth diaper) over my jars secured with a rubber band to keep fruit flies and stuff out.

  • After I bottle my kombucha, I leave it in the cupboard for a couple days for the second ferment, and then put it in the fridge because I like it better cold. I’m using old mason jars, and the seals aren’t the greatest so I folded a piece of plastic wrap in quarters and placed that over the mouth of the jars before I screwed the lids on (REALLY tight; my husband usually has to help me open them!). That seems to create a better seal so they don’t go flat.

    I LOVE the cherry-almond flavoring idea! My husband’s favorite soda is Dr. Pepper, and if I could kind of recreate the flavor maybe I could get him to start drinking kombucha! 🙂

    • Jim

      I have been making Kombucha for 3 years now. I stopped using Mason jars because air leakage over time and hard to open afterwards. Best solution for not losing that precious carbonization and ease of opening is to use Flip Top bottles. They are not expensive. Go to I bought a dozen 1 liter bottles that average price $3.75 per bottle. Check out there other supplies, i.e. funnels, cleaning brush etc.

      Try a Hibiscus and Rose Hips Kombucha. I always add 3 raisins and ginger sliced match sticks to each liter bottle to give taste and spritz too.

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  • Heather

    GREAT recipe!! and thank you for putting in the article about the bottle possibly exploding…it happened to me a few weeks ago and none of the recipes I followed before mentioned it and for some reason it didn’t occur to me (duh) can’t wait to try it~

  • Michelle

    Hi, Just a thought based on what I have read about bottling kombucha. I don’t think we are supposed to fill up to the very top of the jar — there needs to be an inch or so of headspace to allow for some expansion. I have never had any explode on me that way. However, I have had minor explosions when making fruit liqueurs when I filled things to top of bottles.

    Having said that, I just made the cherry vanilla kombucha. Can’t wait to try it! I made apple cinnamon the other day and it was amazing.


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  • Hi I’m new to this. But, I purée peaches, strawberries, and mangoes. I then add about 2
    ounces to my bottles (15to16 ounce each ). I find it very good and like most I’ve not had sodas in nearly a year . It’s still a learning experience .good luck to everyone the benefits are just awesome.

  • Jane

    Just starting the Kombucha journey. Regarding burping the bottles during the second ferment – I thought it was important due to glass exploding ( which worries me ). I am using the bottles I previously bought Kombucha in. Should I be worried?

  • Alice

    For those of you who have used extracts in second fermentations, do you know if it would be okay to use imitation extracts. I know that pure extracts would, of course, be preferable, but my roommate already has a bottle of imitation almond extract.

    Thank you to the person with the cherry/almond idea! I’ve been trying to figure out what to do for a next batch all week.

  • Vanilla has to be one of my all time favorite flavors.. I wonder how close this cherry vanilla flavor is to a vanilla cherry coke! Probably not close enough.. but I’m sure its good! I can’t wait to try this recipe at home, thank you so much for sharing!

  • Merrilee

    I’m new at this and was researching different “flavorings” to add to Kombucha. I’m so glad that I found this blog! I wanted to make cherry flavored Kombucha and the recipe on this site sounds amazing! Thanks, for sharing!

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