Cinnamon Milk Kefir

I can’t thank Donna at Cultured Food Life enough for reintroducing me to a second fermentation for milk kefir.  I went from not caring for milk kefir to loving it.  I’ve been experimenting with different flavorings for the second ferment and all have been winners but this one is my favorite and worthy of it’s own blog post.  Cinnamon, that’s it.

Second Ferment with Cinnamon

To do a second ferment, first make your milk kefir as you normally would (instructions here).  Strain out the kefir grains.  Pour the kefir into a wide mouth jar (you’ll see why in a bit), just add a cinnamon stick and set on the counter for another 12 hrs or so.  At this point, my kefir is usually separated and doesn’t look too appetizing.  To fix that, remove the cinnamon stick and set aside.  Now using a stick blender, blend the kefir.  You can do this in a blender as well.  Put cinnamon stick back in and refrigerate.  The flavors will continue to infuse while in the fridge.  I usually sweeten mine with a bit of stevia but use whatever sweetener you prefer.
Make Kefir at Home

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