Natural Born Traditional Foodie

I was thinking this morning, as I was feeding mysourdough starter, how I was born to be a traditional foodie.  I hearpeople talk about how they needed to adjust their taste buds or how hard it wasfor them to choke down their first bite of liver. They needed to adjust tomaking all their own food instead of just buying it and they had to tame thesugar beast. None of that was ever hard for me.  Evidently I’m weird.

Hat, sweater and blanket knit by yours truly.
I’ve always loved doing things the hard way.  Why a buya sweater when I could knit one?  Heck, I bought pygora goats to harvest their coats in order to spin yarn to knit sweaters.  Why buy gluten free sourdough bread whenI can get a starter (or make my own), feed it twice a day, everyday, and makemy own?  I love making cheese, yogurt and sauerkraut.  If pressing my own olive oil were practical, I’d be all over that!  Ever since I was a kid, I liked making things.  Painting, crocheting, beading, sculpting… I think myartsy craftiness translates well in to food preparation.  I see cooking asan art.  I love the whole process.

That’s a fresh deer heat. I think it’s beautiful.
I love weird food.  Always have.  If you asked mewhen I was 4 what my favorite food was, I would have said pickles, followed bycauliflower, followed by spaghetti (I’m not that weird), followed by liver.Yes, liver.  I not only liked liver but it was high on my list of favoritefoods.  I ordered it in restaurants. In high school I organized a smallliver feast with some fellow liver lovers.  Surprisingly there weren’tmany of us. I’ve always been fascinated with offal (‘waste’ parts of a butcheredanimal).  When we went grocery shopping, I would scour the meat sectionfor cow tongue because I thought it looked so cool!  I still do that.

I have never had a sweet tooth.  I don’tmind sweets, I’ve just never craved them.  I thank my mom for that. Wedidn’t eat much sugar at all when I was little.

Our first blue egg.  There was a nice golden yolk inside. 
And you know how most kids pull the yolk our to a fried or boiled egg and eat just the white (at least most kids I’ve known)?  Not me!  I pulled the yolk out and gave the white to my sister.  And a runny yolk was the best!

But have any of my 4 children followed suit? No, of course not.  But I’m still holding out hope for theyoungest…

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4 comments to Natural Born Traditional Foodie

  • I think we must be twins! Well, except for the liver and spaghetti parts. *ptooey* I love liver made into other things, just not by itself. Does that count? LOLJust found your blog a couple days ago and love it!

  • Most definitely counts in my book :-)Do you like liver pate? It's so good, I don't understand how people can not like it.I'm glad you found me!

  • My tastes run the same as yours…now. Lol! I grew up with cereal for breakfast, the same school lunch every day and one of three different suppers. I dont know how i survived! Now i can’t make the same thing twice. Always changing my recipes…if i even use one.

    I’m holding out for my youngest two to like diversity with their food. Why can’t everyone be as happy as me to see all the jars of many colours on my island?


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