Sprouted Navy Bean Hummus, GAPS legal

Woohoo, GAPS legal hummus!  What is GAPS?  It stands for Gut and Psychology Syndrome and it’s the diet that has helped so many.  It is based on the SCD (specific carbohydrate diet) which is the diet that turned our family’s life around.  You can see our story here:

What makes something GAPS legal?  It contains only monosaccharide carbohydrates (the simplest of sugars that can’t be broken down any further, no starches or complex carbs that are difficult for GAPS people to digest).  The basic idea behind the GAPS diet is to give the digestive track a break and allow it to heal.  My oldest son ate this way for a full 2 years.  It was hard but it was worth it.

Usually making a substitute food ends up being sub par.  This is not the case here.  This is good hummus!  my kids are eating it by the bowlful.

Sprouting the Beans

To sprout the beans, place in a bowl with a lid.  Fill with water. Let soak overnight.  The next day, drain the water and rinse but don’t fill with water again.  Just cover the bowl.  Drain and rinse 3 times a day until you see sprouts emerging.  It should only take 2-3 days.  Discard if it starts to smell bad.  Great information on why to sprout your beans can be found here:

If you don’t sprout the beans, you should at least soak them for 12-24 hrs.

To cook, place beans in a large pot and cover with water to about an inch over the top of the beans.  Bring to a boil and let simmer for about 4 hrs.  Skim the bubbles off the top and add more water if needed.  Crock pots are great for cooking beans.

Navy Bean Hummus 

  • 3 cups soaked or sprouted navy beans, cooked and cooled to room temp (about 24 oz)
  • 1/4 cup tahini
  • 1/2 preserved lemon or 2 tbsp lemon juice with zest
  • 2 cloves garlic, smashed
  • 9 gms sea salt
  • 1 tsp cumin
  • 1/4 cup whey or brine from another ferment*

In a food processor, add all ingredients and process until a smooth paste.  Place in a 1 liter Pickl-It vessel, filling only to about 2″ below the lid (you might have some left over to enjoy now).  Close vessel, fill airlock and let set at room temp for 3 days.  Move to cold storage.

*I initially did this recipe without using a starter.  I assumed there was enough LAB’s on the lemon, garlic and cumin to be ok.  While my batches have turned out ok, this recipe does need an additional starter.  An 1/8 tsp of Caldwell’s isn’t enough so this in one time where I do recommend using whey or brine from another ferment.  Brine from fermented garlic is especially delicious!

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21 comments to Sprouted Navy Bean Hummus, GAPS legal

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  • Shreela

    Does soaking any bean in this way make it GAPS legal? I’d prefer the traditional garbanzo because it has the lowest purine content out of all the beans. Thanks if you know ^_^

    • Melanie

      From the GAPS book, navy beans are the only ones listed on the safe list. I haven’t read anything about whether sprouting beans would make them GAPS legal so I wouldn’t try it while on the diet.

  • Jen

    HI, I just attempted to make this but the thought occurred to me that I might have killed off my live cultures in my whey. The beans were hot off the stove. The mixture is setting now, but I am wondering if I should add more whey in after it cools some more. What do you think?

    • Melanie

      Ooh, yeah, they are probably dead. I didn’t think to put ‘cooled’ in the directions because mine were already cooled. I would put more whey in it if I were you.

  • Jen

    Melanie, Do you mind if I re-post this recipe with a link back? This was another winner! I am topping my curried tuna cakes with it tonight. I made a test batch and it tastes awesome with the hummus.

    It turned out fine with the extra whey. I just need to remember to let it cool first next time. 😉

    • Melanie

      Go for it! I’m glad it worked out. On top of tuna cakes sounds super yummy! I like topping mine with sauerkraut or curtido so I imagine the hummus would be tasty.

  • Caroline

    Since it’s been lacto-fermented by the whey during the 3 days on the countertop, it should last quite awhile in the fridge, correct?

    How long do you think it would be good for?

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  • Hi, this looks great! I can’t wait to make it. I included it in my Weekly Meal Plan for 2:

  • […] and this is when I’m using something that has been cooked, like my Fermented Bean Dip, White Bean Hummus, Roasted Red Pepper Hummus and roasted beets (no recipe yet but soon).   Another case where you […]

  • JoEllen

    Hi — I soaked the beans for just under 24 hours; rinsed them twice one day (was out and forgot to do the third rinse at night). This morning they smelled horrible. I hate to waste another bag of navy beans trying to sprout beans unless I know what went wrong. 🙂 Any ideas as to why this happens? I’m more inclined to just soak at this point. Thank you!

  • JoEllen

    Hi — I hope this post goes through — my last one didn’t. I soaked the beans for 24 hours, almost. Rinsed them and covered them. Rinsed and drained the next day. Now they smell really bad. I hate to waste another bag of navy beans trying to sprout. Do you have any idea what can make them turn? I’m inclined to just soak at this point. I really need this recipe as we are starting GAPS and need something to eat with the meat so it’s not so plain! 🙂 Thanks for posting the recipe.

  • JoEllen

    I should say that I rinsed and drained them twice. I forgot the third time. Would this be the culprit for them going bad? After rinsing and draining you cover them again, right? Thanks for the help!

    • Wow, that’s bummer. I’m surprised they got stinky so fast. Rinsing twice should have been ok. Is it pretty warm where you are? Warmer temps could cause that. If you do try it again, I would cover it with a cloth instead of a lid.

      • JoEllen

        Yes, I ended up looking up on-line how to sprout beans and they all say use a cloth — so that must have been my problem — I used a lid! Thanks for your reply! 🙂

  • lashone

    Hi! Ian starting to sprout my navy beans today. Do I need to leave them out longer than the 2 to3 days if I just want to eat the sprouts themselves, not turning them into hummus? ALSO, how do I remove the sprout from the beans. As much as I love fermented foods they don’t love me cause me to get a lot of yeast build up in my body..

  • Jenny Dempsey

    This recipe sounds great, I’ve been dying for hummus, but is tahini GAPS legal? I didn’t think it was. Also, we can’t do whey (no dairy). Is it worth making it without it?

    • I should put a note to specify that tahini is legal but not at the beginning of the diet. It’s a seed (sesame) that can be tough on the digestive track at the beginning of the diet. I would wait to use tahini until you’ve experienced enough healing to tolerate it.
      Tahini really does make hummus taste like hummus. Without it, it’s a bean dip. It’s actually pretty good without the tahini but it really doesn’t taste like hummus then.

  • I could cry! I am starting GAPS and struggling! So happy to have found your site!

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