Orange Cream Kefir

Inspired by Cultured Food Life’s post about second fermentation of milk kefir, I made this yummy breakfast.  I’m normally not a huge fan of kefir but a second fermentation was all it needed to push me into the fan category.
The second fermentation takes the edge off the kefir giving it a more pleasant taste and you can impart other flavors in it like we do with water kefir and kombucha. It also increases the B vitamins.  Yay for B vitamins!  My first experiment is with orange zest and vanilla extract.

Orange Cream Kefir

  • 1 quart raw milk
  • kefir grains
  • zest from 1 orange
  • 2 tsp vanilla extract
Add kefir grains to your milk and let culture at room temp for about 24 hours.  Strain kefir grains.  
Add orange zest and vanilla, mix well and let set for about 8 hrs to a full day.  At this point the kefir may have separated. Just give it a good shake.  
I’m thinking this would be equally good in kombucha and water kefir.  I’ll let you know!

ETA: I made some orange cream water kefir this week and cracked open a bottle this afternoon.  Yum!

Part of Fat Tuesday, Traditional Tuesday…

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9 comments to Orange Cream Kefir

  • so you take the grains out and let the kefir sit out for another 8 hrs w/the added orange and vanilla? Interesting! Thanks!!

  • Must give this a shot, love regular kefir and am always looking for ways to spice it up. I’ve been reading about how great spices are for you with more antioxidants and vitamins that vegetables. This is the perfect way to add orange zest which is a great cancer fighter!

  • What jar are you using for MK, 1st and second ferment?

  • Sarah

    How do you avoid bacterial growth in the raw milk? Sorry if the question is silly, but I am very new to fermenting foods and have never used or consumed raw milk. Thanks!

    • Melanie

      Not a silly question at all! It’s a common misconception that raw milk is full of bacteria that will make you sick or even kill you. Raw milk does have bacteria but the good kind that you want, like yogurt. You do want to be careful and know your farmer. Make sure they have clean milking habits and take care of their animals and that they aren’t confined. Cows fed on pasture don’t have problems with E. Coli like confinement farms do. If you want to learn more about the safety of raw milk, a good resource is and
      Making kefir and yogurt with raw milk will give you a less firm yogurt because the milk is also rich in enzymes.

  • Misty Woods

    I have followed these instructions three times, and three times I have poured this awful textured stuff down the drain. It’s very discouraging to me, since I am certain that this stuff is good for me, but I just cannot stand this texture. I whisked the separated mix, hoping that would blend it back to being creamy to no avail. I’ve added sugar hoping to make it sweeter to no avail. It’s darn sure carbonated, so at least that’s not a problem. So now what ladies? How can ya’ll drink this nasty stuff?

    • Angela

      I have a hard time with it as well. I’ve learned that it has a less sour taste if I don’t let it get to the point of separating into curds & whey. You may need to shorten your fermenting time, or use less grains. I also do my 2nd fermentation in the fridge so it doesn’t get more sour. Now if I want the fizz, I just leave it in the fridge for several days; however, make sure to add some flavor to help with the sourness. I add cream from the raw milk and maple syrup which probably isn’t the best health option, but it’ll have to do until I can find something else to get it down.

  • Brigette

    I think the problem with this recipe is the vanilla extract. Twice I have tried to do a second ferment with vanilla and honey, and it has separated badly both times (yes, basically flavored curds & whey). I have had several excellent, much mellower second fermented batches with other flavorings, despite my newness to fermented foods. If you want this flavor of kefir, try doing the second ferment with only the orange zest NOT the vanilla. Add the vanilla afterward, immediately prior to consuming it.

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