Bacon and Egg Cups

Bacon Egg Cups

I love easy meals and they’re even better when they are healthy too.  This is one of my favorite quickly thrown together meal that everyone loves.  Our hens are finally earning their keep and putting out more eggs than my family can consume so I’m always looking for creative ways to use up my eggs and save on my grocery bill.  It’s a good thing we know that eggs are actually good for you and we don’t need to be scared to eat them.  Eggs from chickens raised on pastured are high in choline, vitamin A and D, omega 3’s, B vitamins and much more.  Pastured eggs have less cholesterol than their counterparts but please don’t be afraid of cholesterol.  Read more about the fallacy of the Lipid Hypothesis here:  Myths and Truths About Cholesterol.

Bacon and Egg Cups serves 6 (2 eggs cups per person)

  • 12 pieces of bacon (nitrate free from pigs on pasture)
  • 12 eggs from hens on pasture
  • optional toppings: spinach, feta cheese or any other cheese.
Preheat oven to 375F.  Grease a muffin tin using bacon fat, butter or ghee.  Stoneware pans seem to not stick like metal ones. If using a metal muffin pan, you might want to use muffin liners. Line each cup with a slice of bacon and crack one egg in to each cup.  If desired, add shredded cheese, spinach or fresh herbs. My favorite is spinach and feta cheese (bottom right corner).  Bake for about 15 mins or until eggs are set.

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