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Bacon and Egg Cups

Bacon Egg Cups

I love easy meals and they’re even better when they are healthy too.  This is one of my favorite quickly thrown together meal that everyone loves.  Our hens are finally earning their keep and putting out more eggs than my family can consume so I’m always looking for creative ways to use up my eggs and save on my grocery bill.  It’s a good thing we know that eggs are actually good for you and we don’t need to be scared to eat them.  Eggs from chickens raised on pastured are high in choline, vitamin A and D, omega 3′s, B vitamins and much more.  Pastured eggs have less cholesterol than their counterparts but please don’t be afraid of cholesterol.  Read more about the fallacy of the Lipid Hypothesis here:  Myths and Truths About Cholesterol.

Bacon and Egg Cups serves 6 (2 eggs cups per person)

  • 12 pieces of bacon (nitrate free from pigs on pasture)
  • 12 eggs from hens on pasture
  • optional toppings: spinach, feta cheese or any other cheese.
Preheat oven to 375F.  Grease a muffin tin using bacon fat, butter or ghee.  Stoneware pans seem to not stick like metal ones. If using a metal muffin pan, you might want to use muffin liners. Line each cup with a slice of bacon and crack one egg in to each cup.  If desired, add shredded cheese, spinach or fresh herbs. My favorite is spinach and feta cheese (bottom right corner).  Bake for about 15 mins or until eggs are set.

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21 comments to Bacon and Egg Cups

  • Like any cooked egg, it should be eaten within 3-4 days. Not a fermented/pickled meal :-)

  • Denise T.

    Made these today and tried several variations. They were great!!! Thank you for the clever idea. I too liked the spinach/feta the best. Egg cooks up similar to a poached egg.

  • Patrice

    Is the bacon cooked PRIOR to placing in muffin tin? or does it actually cook along with the egg?

    Thanks for posting…great idea.

    • Melanie

      Hi Patrice. I don’t cook my bacon prior to filling them but if you like your bacon more well done, you can always precook it in the muffin tin and then add the eggs and cook further.

  • Staci Owen

    These sound delicious! Is the egg yolk still runny or is it firm?

  • I love this! I’m sitting here thinking of ways to do this vegetarian style. Thank you!

  • Isa

    I eat bacon and eggs almost daily and variety is welcomed! These are so cute and neat. I dont care for intact yolks though. This should still work with beaten eggs right? I mean for a more scrambled effect.

  • Wendy

    Hello! I was just thinking………how would cupcake papers work with this method? and also sprinkling crisp cooked bacon on top of the egg, then baking it. Thank you so much for sharing!! <3 <3 <3

    • I think cupcake liners would be a good idea. When I do this in my stoneware muffin pan, they don’t stick at all but when I did it in a stainless steel pan, they stuck horribly.
      Crumbled bacon on top sounds perfect! You can never have too much bacon :-)

  • [...] Bacon and Egg Cups.  Who knew this simple little breakfast idea would be such a big hit? And it has absolutely nothing [...]

  • Joan Westaway

    I did these yesterday with streaky bacon, cheddar cheese and parsley- in an untried silicone muffin tray. The bendy silicine was a wobbly disaster! But the bacon n egg was fabulous! It cooked beautifully, bacon cooked and egg still a bit runny on the middle. Clever me! I have some round finely-sliced Pancetta which I will use next… after I buy a well-behaved muffin tray! I haven’t looked hard but have yet to see stoneware here in Brisbane AU!

  • Emily

    I love this! I’ve been looking for fast easy breakfast ideas. I wonder if I could crumble some of that cornbread from last night’s dinner on the top or bottom to make a bit of a crust. That looks like fresh spinach; it cooked ok w/o getting crispy?

    • Cornbread in it sounds like a wonderful idea. Yes, I do use fresh spinach and it cooks up just fine, especially if it’s mixed in. If it’s just laying on top, it might get crispy.

  • Tina

    This really did not work. Looked great on paper but in reality was a big mess.

  • Emily

    I’ve had success and failure with this recipe so I thought I’d share: I tried cooking the bacon in the muffin tin a little before adding the rest but I had such meaty bacon that it stuck to the sides. I tried poring the pancake batter in the bottom with the bacon grease but it stuck and crumbled, maybe because although I precooked it, I put some syrup on top before I put the egg in. So, now I cook my bacon in the oven beforehand on a cookie sheet and cut out waffle circles in waffles I’ve made or frozen from Vans. You can put two or three pieces in the bottom to make a whole. It doesn’t have to be perfect and still holds together when it comes out. I have some leftover pancakes I’m going to try next. I put bacon grease on the bottom and sides of the tin cups. Put the waffles in next, then some maple syrup, then put the bacon in a ring around the tin, and crack the egg. My kids love it eating it with their fingers like a muffin and it’s so easy when cooking for a large group!

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