Another New Year’s Resolution Post

Another New Year’s resolution post?  Yeah.  A little late to the game but better late than never.  

I do like doing New Year’s resolutions.  Some I’ve kept, some I’ve not been successful keeping.  Last year I had 2.  One was a success and one was a partial success.  I ran a half-marathon (go me!) and I got off coffee for part of the year.  I was hoping to add a full marathon to my year this year but due to the flood and having to rearrange our house, turning my workout room into a much needed bedroom, my treadmill is gathering dust in the garage.
This year I’m going to retackle coffee.  I know it’s not a good idea to do the same resolution over and over since it can lead to discouragement but I have good cause.  I fell off the wagon last year because the baby was just not sleeping well, thus Mommy was not getting enough rest.   I reasoned that during that season in my life, coffee and I were just going to have to get along.  Being a good, patient, happy mom was more important than not drinking coffee.  That was the difference my 2 cups of half-caff made.
Enter this year.  Baby is consistently sleeping through the night finally so I have no excuse.  Instead of listing off all the reasons coffee is bad here, you can read all about it at Cheese Slave’s blog here
My reasons for quitting?  First, heart arrythmias. There are others things that I am doing in addition to removing coffee to improve this.  I actually haven’t had a serious bout since I took my nutrition extra serious this last fall.  But coffee still sends my heart racing and it doesn’t feel good.
Second, I feel it interferes with my appetite.  Most people would think “Awesome!”. But for me it’s not a good thing.  I’m hovering on the edge of being underweight and nursing an active toddler doesn’t help.  I need to eat more and coffee makes me not hungry.
Third, I’ve been off caffeine before and I know I just feel better.  Especially when I’m well rested.  Now that small is sleeping well, I know I’ll feel better for it.  Also since I’ve improved my nutrition, I’m sleeping much better than I ever have (I’m a bit of an insomniac).  
My plan?  I’ m going to do what worked for me in the past.  Not the cold turkey method that I accidentally did twice (bought decaf on accident and then thought I had the flu only to find out I was just drinking decaf).  I’m just going to slowly replace my caffeinated for decaf.  When I get to the point of full decaf, I revisit whether I want to cut coffee completely.  
My last cup of full caff.

I do plan on starting up running again after we do a little more home renovations.  So maybe a marathon next year?


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