Too Good to be True Tilapia

4 ingredients, 15 minutes, this is my favorite last minute meal. My kids devour this fish and always ask for more.

  • 4 fillets tilapia, defrosted
  • drizzle of extra virgin olive oil
  • a couple glugs white wine
  • 4 pinches dill (fresh is best but dried will do)

Preheat oven to 425F. Coat an 8×11 glass baking dish with cooking spray or olive oil. Lay fillets in trying not to overlap. Drizzle a bit of olive oil over each of the fillets. Pour a couple glugs of white wine over all 4, not too much, you don’t want to drown them. Sprinkle a pinch of dill over each fillet.
Bake for 15 mins or until the fish flakes easily and is no longer opaque. Hmm, tasty.
I usually like to serve this with a simple spinach salad and Quinoa Pilaf to fill up extra hungry stomachs.

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1 comment to Too Good to be True Tilapia

  • Dustin

    Tilapia is a disgusting farmed fish that should not be consumed by anyone (unless you harvest them wild is some tropical body of water.) studies have shown that farmed tilapia is worse for you than pork, beef, or chicken. Yuck!!!

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